Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Summary 2008

Year 2009 is around the corner! Moo Moo Year still have another 3 weeks time. Time flies!!!!!! Since i'm quite free for 1 hour before headed to work, let me summarize my Year 2008!!


The best decision i've made so far is stepped into the newly launched Cash Team in Citicorp. Since May, i thinked i'm so into this job even now all is so routine. However, I'm satisfied with everything here at this moment. Hope there's no changes by next year =D I like my job, I like my boss, I like my colleagues and i like the $$$ too!! keke..

Refreshed back the moment in DELL, I do enjoyed in sales team in 2007. So much merrier while not in finance. I'm kinda dissapointed in finance! Coz the leader didn't kept her promises on me after give me a hope by shaking my hands congrats me i'm soon gonna converted. In the end, she just dissapointed me that she coudn't do so :( Finally i left in Apr. I'm so glad to leave hell! :p keke..

Ok i've did a good job so far. Hopefully 2009 will bring me luck! Popi Popi!


I've gain lots of friendship throughout this year! I thinked more from Citicorp..

Since the 1st outing i went with them - Pulau Kerachut, Gua Tempurung, StarWalk etc... I'm so glad to know more friends and expanding my social lifestyle....

My dearest Idol and PW best friends.. You know who you're! :) Cherish every enjoyable moments we've been together.... The wonderful friendship which can't pay... You guys make my days!!!! Love you, D Bro & P!! So do my english wise improved a lot.... kekeke, you may go refer my 1st post in xanga and compared.... I will gambatte continue improving!!! =D

My craziest buddies.... I love you guys so much!! SO fun to be with :)

My Hou JiMui!!!! :) Misss you gals!! Long time didn't have Full house gathering d! Everytime also short this and that..

1st overseas trip, BALI, Indonesia! :) Hmm, want to have more annual leaves? consider banking line.. kekeke, but it paid off with your tiredness.. at least from May onwards i can go travelling d... hurray! Guess in Dell 1 day per month how can go travelling??? keke...

May our friendship last forever!!!!


Always do!! *WUB WUB* My dearest...


I know myself! I know my strength and weakness! I will keep improving myself and cure my weaknesses... One of them is behave WHAT AND WHEN i'm eating ma right? OK la i will control!! keke...

Goodbye 2008!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!! May everyone blessed with love, peace and joyful year ahead!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Warming Dinner :)

My bears' family Alien Bear [Melaka] and Mama Bear [Shah Alam] came over to Penang last weekend. So luckily free to meet up with them.. hoho! But no pictures to share.. We were like hungry wolf only, jalan-jalan cari makan :p

Do Nick and Luke know me? Look into my camera :) I do nothing woo..

Here's 988 CNY album promo! What a coincidentally? Just snap a few pictures then headed to Dragon I..


Er jie back in Penang. We whole family have a outside dinner on sat night usually and here's it..and this time plus Baby YeeYee and my cousin eng popiah :p keke!

Cha Bo Gang :)


She big gal d! Going to kindergarden next year, so so won't be staying with us anymore.. Miss you baby! =D

Here's my cute baby!=D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas Part 2

Christmas tree @ my house. This set up by dad.. heee! Top of the tree should have a santa claus but don't know where it gone d...

单身的圣诞还蛮孤单的:) 可是还好,我很享受这些日子!呵呵,不用多一样东西烦。。没有情人就会很馋么?相反的,我觉得很多朋友出来庆圣诞的日子是最幸福的!哈哈!好爽,我还要!说真的我自己都快四分之一世纪了,还蛮担心自己还是一个儿!可是怎么这世界上绕了一个圈回来还是找不到我喜欢的人?我好痴情耶,哈哈,就忠于一人。:( 怎么在我童话里好像没有可能出现“彼此喜欢”的奇迹?怎办,就是这么难耶? 我看这世上最终只有我一人,不敢开始一段感情。。 阿姐好像也没着急,hoho,女强人似的,忙着赚钱!我还是想太多了吧?

Buddies' Christmas Celebration

Hamlin as Santa in the house while Becky "jingle bell jingle bell"

Long lost friends' Celebration @ Becky house

I do enjoy just now too! :) Oh ya hohoho! Merry Christmas again!! Hope there's next time hang out with you guys.
It's F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!


Delaying the Christmas Part 2, I've something to say...

贤! 看了你的部落格,有点好酸的感觉。怎么又是那么触动人心,这么悲的 !这么多年了,有什么事不防跟我说啊!我很乐意当你的聆听者。可是有时真的好惭愧我都帮不上什么忙,只能在你的部落格知道你的点点滴滴!可是好像说出来会比较开心吧?希望我能帮到你。我很在乎的,我要我们的关系好像小时候那样好。我们以前常常去的肯德基都被拆掉了,比萨也被拆掉了,只是那F&C的还在那,熟悉的脸孔,可是起价了;分量少了;水准比以前差了。hoho,还是我们要求高了?那安帝都不认得我了耶。好怀念我们在一起的童年!你来我家玩,呵呵,可我好少去你家。 啊! 啊! 好惭愧! 我又再让你失望了。今年完全没想到要请假,好后悔。我答应你明年我们一起拿假,我们一起去倒数!=)耶耶!勾勾手指!我们的约定!呵呵,怕那时的你不知道还要不要跟我去倒数呢 :p


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Part 1

Just back from work :) 2 hours before, today finish early as expected. Ya, christmas eve need to work, christmas also need to work. No excuse. Public Holiday also never been a public holiday for me, so i never care of any public holiday. haha!! But yea, still very enjoy it!! Hmm, read his msg just now, waaaa so ngam again! After so many things, recently pringles, now fondue awwww... really so ngam meh!!!! :p really wanna know why so many coincidentally! kekeke, maybe i syiok sendiri la! heee... By the way Lexy, I miss your fondue but not the cheezy one so disgusting, keke! Meaning no sifu no choc fondue ma aiyo! HOHOHO, MERRY CHRISTMAS BABE and DUDE!!!! Wish you guys have a blessed christmas and Cheers for the better tomorrow!! A very short video from my Boss! =D Cute boss, lots of laugher from him! OK so have to stop recording video coz he already pose for me to take picture.

Like holding the number board in jail :p wakakaka!!! Dear Boss, Merry X'mas! Since he don't wanna declare his birthday so here's the christmas presents for him, superb large greeting card and Alain Delon's handcarry bag. Yea, he went off back to India last week. Esp for his wedding next January, Congrats!! Hmm, truth I never seens a Boss like him, can joke, have fun together, go dinner together and appologize to us when he done something wrong. I wish i can stay in this team =D really, i don't want to transfer to anywhere else!!

Presents exchange :) HAHA! Guess what i get? Disney Mousepad.. hee! Unfortunately i don't have any mouse now :p have to match it as couple blueee blueee!

kekeke, MY DEAREST!!!!!! Crazy gang to be with....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shopping Fever

THIS i thinked it's the trend of xiao mei mei wearing now! haha! Even i've already reached an age but still i quite like it!!!! So unfortunately "M" too big on me! "S" quite weird on me.. so byebye, save my money!

She says this suit me! He says you look young in this! She says nice! He says this outfit looks like garment of AV nu you [ahem ahem]! He says even you didn't wear like this also baby looks d!

I say, "I simply love it but size not fit on me! Wearing spec in this outfit looks like i'm in secondary yet a career woman :p syiok syiok! And some sort Tu Tu Ngong Gui Gui, looks so innosence."

I'm not sensitive to fashion, totally! But i like special outfits lately! Just started.... haha! I mean those 耐看 type! Want to be special! Still... have to depends on the correct timing and the correct boutique i walked into!

Bought a special sleeveless sweater from forever21 last weekend :) heee! Love it! quite special..at least for me is special.. haha! Different people different view ma? *Keep* for CNY! but don't know whether got chance to wear or not :p It's more suit for christmas!

Still shopping fever for CNY! Not enough yet, still short of a pair of heels [if only i can get a nice pair], lingeries and a Levi's jeans. Yea, that's it close case after that! =D Save for traveling.... weehoo!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Cruise 20 Dec 2008

Happy Tang Chek!! =D

heee! I'm back from cruise :) and sleep for whole day after that..i don't know what's the cruise name! Just realised that not a star cruise but "dont know" what cruise. haha! It was a blast in the cruise! I like that feel very much, very relaxing @ there especially exposed to sea breeze...love a lot! There's christmas atmosphere too..

I love this photo... hehe! even it's super duper blur! :p How nice is it if it's CLEAR! Ah Chea [Car], desperate housewife CN & Timon in action on cast Titanic

Seriously i did consider what Ah Chea told me that night :) Maybe it's correct! But partially correct..... Coz when the time other of my friends say so but i never feel annoyed but i thought that was funny :p Hey it's based on who say so and not a topic problem! Chiuu, I CAN ACCEPT that la! Is just i keep quiet coz i really NO COMMENT on that..... not i rejected! hmmm.... this is what my mind thinked..:p

This few hours i've thinked quite a lot... I try my best to please everyone! They're happy! However i thinked sometimes i'm too over until no time for myself :( I'm over my limits! Another I need to find out what's the solution of mine to solve my personal problem! I don't know why? Everytime when someone comment about me..... I will not say YES but most of the time i will say NO :( Let's say "You like him!!" I would definately find a reason to object it!! NO NO he's what he's what......... Why Why?? Why should i object by saying people weaknesses? It's VERY BAD!!!!! Even I don't think it that way... but my mouth say so! I shall make a change of myself............. :( :( prf........ Toobad! I've too much of worries lately, work even personal!!!!

Here's the place we've a superb LONG chat ever! Lots of laugher with the craziest gang!! hmm, some "yellow" jokes goes around..ahem! and some 18SX photos goes around too.. Pure Gary kena molest by the desperate housewife CN... haha! Wah, they were superb crazy!!!!

I'm so glad to have YOU guys there... to make my day so wonderful! Cherious.. I want more!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Learn to be the excellent

This gonna be random.. as this few days was really mixing feeling around! Happy yes i do! Dissapointed yes i do! Sad no! Dissapointed and sad are totally different....

Cheering around, upward, backward is totally normal for me! Today there's some happiness happened in our team. OH YEA! Let me clarify tomorrow with some photo and video..... hmm, that's usual the humurous people making jokes...

However, I felt dissapointed of myself really.. Yes that was what i did! Not to blame myself on this.... me myself, yes just me! It's kinda tuff to be the excellent among all! Even sometimes i did realised that i did very well in that task but results wise not what i expected. In terms of curiousy i really do! Why can this happened? I thought i did very well though, i thought near to be excellent! What should i do? I just can say, "I always did my very best!" Do you still remember the 3 wishes we've made together last time? *secret wishes* I thinked it's going to be tough for me to succeed even one of my wish :( Before me oh yea and not forgetting to congrats you!! :) One of your wish will be fullfilled on coming 20 Dec and i still put my effort on my 3 wishes. Actually i've the guts that....... and what can i do next? I just know what should i do is continue improving myself and continue to do my very best!

It's good to give me pressure and expectation on me! I'm happy! I'm touched! I'm dissapointed to turn you down! Hulismoke, Goshhh, my tears... is the weaknesses, easy come easy go... but glad that this time i can control! One step further learned to be stronger, no tears be tuff! Yeayea, i've got a new project to be moving on! OK, hopefully i can present well this time....*pray for me* Jiayou [+petrol] haha, now price of petrol decreased, can put more... full tank also ok! haaaaaa, crap!

*Miss getting self compose love poem sms daily*

HE reminded me all this today! Ouch.... Last time was so annoyed when he sent me sms poem daily, i'm cold blooded not even appreaciate nor touched! In the end finally i replied his sms as, "I'm her cousin she changed her hp number already and sorry I've being told not to give out hers no". He stopped sending since that... How cruel am i? It's all fake, i'm bluffing....... I'm not regretting of rejected him coz he's not my desire couple... but i'm just regretting to treat him so cruel :( He's just being so romance to me..... Suprisingly he won't recognised me even we walked pass by each other, "looks familiar" on his face, maybe i do change a lot physically... and I'm glad that i've made a good change on myself.. He's still so banana and with his peow har peow har rocker's hair.... hahaha!

Wah, i'm talking about love! How rare am i? I'm not used to be talk about love :p Better just keep in my heart <3>Oh ya, it's too early now! Ache hits my head now, heart beeping that fast it's like beepbox don't know what happened! Toddles...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Romance StarWalk 2008

Wake up at 5.30am, equiped with lots of camera kachang in my sling bag, heavy! :p I'm going for "national service" haha! 为民服务!
and yea, i didn't have the star t-shirt, just walked for fun! Wa, really shock that i didn't facing any problem walking or running! haha.... so proud of myself ah! :) I'm a winner yet a looser! kakaka...

Everyone so excited for the "surprise" of the day. Because of that, they downgraded themselves from "competition" became "non-competition"...The bridegroom Ah Yew [Simon] pushing himself to walk faster than Joyce -the bride. Then Joyce and us lagging behind... walk slow walk slow to let them have chance to prepare everything! :p

Almost reach the finish point, banner up! Roses ready! and here's the romantic stunt... Joyce was shocked of the surprise! That moment was so sweet and touching!! Rather than photos, here's my DIY videos of the scene.. Enjoy! hehe, cheers... For more news regarding this, Read The Star Online http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/12/15/nation/2808087&sec=nation

Talking about Ah Yew, i'm really impressed of his bravenessss to show his love to Joyce in front of so many people... GENG LA YOU!!! Ah Joyce sooo hang fuk!!

Gua Tempurung 30 Nov 2008

I'm going to StarWalk later! =D haha! Just last minutes plan! Coz he's going to propose his fionse after the walk! I'll be the special guest :p I'm not gonna miss this! hee.. Guess they're busy about the banners right now. Awwww, so sweet la you Y**! Want to know who is him? I will bring along my camera tomorrow! hee.. Show you guys when i'm back if i get to take any photos of them. THAT ROMANCE GUY!! haha..... so i thinked it gonna be the HOTTEST NEWS in The Star on monday :)

Here's Gua Tempurung photos! Randomly.. How dare Yean Hui brought her camera into the cave in just a plastic bag... haha! 拖她的福 and we've got our nice photos.. Luckily her camera safely brought back! =D Bravooo! Clap! See after the muddy us.... It's very fun playing water and the mud crazily!! Even some i'm not even know them well but still very crazy! After that we went for seafood @ tambun. again, waiting photos.. haha! complicated!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


He says, "Never seen you for a week, you seems like become prettier!" Alamak, this fellow, one week! should be 11 days off can change myself a lot? How can so that possible? Hmmm..... Wohoo! But i memang syiok sendiri at that time! :p

Back in office! Actually i've a lot to do, to settle all my claims and form things. As i expected, i'm back means ONG high volumm! or just so coincidently, i really don't know. It's high volumm! But it's ok! I'm in a good mood, no affects from other factors. Why? Just happy without reason. I'm always do enjoy and miss the moment having fun and perli-ing with you guys @ work.

Tomorrow is the day :) 11122008 the day i'm waiting for!! Annually bonus coming! Oops, it seems to be too private to clarify here. But i just can't control myself, I'm super duper HAPPY for my 1st ever BONUS in my life. Sure very excited! Has been waiting for one and half year for this. Last time in Dell nothing what. That's why My ever 1st!!!!!! =D Oh yea Oh yea!

Going on cruise this 20 Dec! OK, mark in my calendar and booked =D Looking forward! Always heard uncles and aunties go on cruise, i also wanna tried out!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

KL 4-8 Dec 2008

It's season greeting! Yoyo buddy, Merry Christmas!!! <3


I'm back and yea since yesterday 1am reached at PG :) I'm kind of imbalance now coz tomorrow need to get back to work after long holidays. Can i have one more weeks =D weeeee! Dreaming.. I'm actually went there for visits..... Here's June's poodle Toddy..aiyo, i love doggie! so cute! Can i bring back? :p


Randomly few of the choices...

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

and This is the event was actually i'm waiting for :) A very happy birthday to DFC! 3 years old already! 你的生日快乐吗?Met lots of long lost friends, that was superb duper great! and my feel was like hmmm now I'm a senior citizen attending my ex-secondary school annual dinner.. haha! I don't know why i can think in such a creative way, but it's really do appear in my mind! Realised that each of everyone of us really has grow a lot a lot, different prospect with different view.. I thinked i should be included into this category too....



There itulah baru betul :)) muahaha! My idol..... She said i'm 40 years old one lolx :p

My Idol *wub wub* Yah, it's him it's him! Our 1st self shot.. erm should be 2nd, 1st was kinda success but weird <3 Tq Tq for your help! Thanks Danell :) Or else this really gonna waving sayoonara with me already. Wah, and you really Pro!

*thanks Teng*
In this starry night, i'm looking at this photo and tears start drooling.... So emo! The tears of happiness, i've finally got this "full" wonderful photo with all of you on anniversary!!!! <3 mm, just short of Ming and Xin.

The last day, we actually went to Zoo Negara.... I'm actually stepped into Zoo since standard 4!
Feeding the deers..



Ju's reaction was making us almost drool on the floor..Muahahahahaha!



This is for someone as per request :p Elephant's bud! She says got lots of fur woooo....

1st time get to see penguin..

That's it for all! hoho! superb short summary. Job done!

-the end-