Friday, June 19, 2009

Jalan-jalan @ Ipoh

This 1 day trip was kinda free and easy, no rushing, lots of laugher and perli-ness going around. Laugh si wa!!It's the 1st time i went to Ipoh with friends. Actually is Yunn suggested "Let's go The Lost World and jalan-jalan around Ipoh". I was like "HARRRR, why choose this timing? I love watersport!!! But i don't want sunburn until the next month :)" Wear dress not nice what, imbalance colour skin :p Come on! Just 1/4 wanna go, HAHA! So end up we didn't go "The Lost World" but WE LOST IN IPOH. That little Yunn just follow her six sense turn every junction. Ahem!! Nevertheless, u know sesat is ever soooooo fun!:p HeHe!

I called LiYoong, thought she went Ipoh for so many times should know the way gua. Mana tahu she don't know and introduced her Ipoh friend Patrick for me. Hulismoke! Before i decide to call him, Yunn found the restaurant. Fuiyoh, Thanks God you found it! and I no need to call stranger. HAHAHA! Thanks Yoong anyway! :)

Was ever so packed. Everyone stand beside each table starring at those who eating, getting prepared to book place. Huhu! The 1st time i saw this situation. I miss so much its Dimsum, ever so unique and delicious. 1 hour+ standing waiting is all worth for the breakfast.

Laughter of the day 1

We were at the roadside, saw an chinese uncle [blue T-shirt] in motorcycle who prepared to drive away. Yunn decided to ask him the way to FooSan DimSum. Ok now tell me what will you say to him? For me, i will speak cantonese. Guess what our truly teacher laosi - Miss Yunn did???????

Tada!!!! SHE SAID,"SORRY, CAN I DISTURB YOU FOR A WHILE?" *Yea speak in English* =D Muahahahaha, laugh si wa! That uncle was like scratching his head sounds like "Nei Gong Matt Yeh???" Then finally only she changed to cantonese... :p

Impressive statue of the compound of "Kek Look Toong". So real. We pose beside Amitabha sign on the ground.

Went to visit lots of Caves. Wondering why Ipoh so famous of Caves? and The same question goes to Why Penang so famous of food? :p I don't know why.

Laughter of the day 2

What do you see from this picture? It's beside tortoises' pond. "I saw a well."
PigPig said,"Waahhh, why this caves of prayer ever so special? Got BBQ tools here wo, hey can BBQ here leh!!!!!" XD

*pengsan* C-mon Come on see clearly it's a well!! :p *ngek ngek ngek*

Nice Architecture isn't it??

HAHA! YunnYunn hugged the statue like his bf XD

Laughter of the day 3

My T camera do have face detection. Even the above can detect as well. Yunn shoot the photo of PigPig and me. She kept saying the same thing after a few same shot," Hey not OK la, why everytime one of your eyes keep closing one? Hey people open eyes big big yaaa!!" After we checked back, HELLO, Statue is the one who detected as eyes closed la, not us!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Curious lo at first i thought we never blink woo..... mana tahu that sakai!!! XD really sakai

Kellie's Castle

Do you feel sien when i keep repeating to you personally, facebook, conversation about how nice is Kellie's Castle? HAHA, sorry! Coz i love it so much, esp the photos taken. Actually it's just an empty mansion inside, quite bored, nothing special inside. Just it's a really nice place for photoshoot. See the blue sky and greenview which i like a lot.

Lagenda - A Castle long in the making...

I love this the most!!! <3

Castle senget... Still like it! XD

The tree grow naturally as a BEAR

Before headed back to Penang, we stopped by mainland visited "Gui Hai Peng You" Aileen and Ah Hoay.

扫黄!扫黄!快遮脸!Look like they're doing "some" business. But unfortunately no one pass by. Not strategic place lo weih!!! :p

HEYYYY, I miss traveling seriously! 1 day trip not enough!!!! XD Never thought of Pulau Pangkor and Cameron Highland was so near to Batu Gajah. If not can go both at the same time. Nobody bringing along swimwear except me. Hopefully there's next time. Can i have another one soonest? and even longer? The places which i never went before.........

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My DIY SC badges :)

I thinked this 2 is the best of all!! Pictures fit perfectly to it.. Looks like *left* photo was purposely shoot for badge making, but actually it's totally NOT

Fuiyoh, finally completed 12 DIY designated badges. Finally can gao gao chu sleep like piggie! =D Pls don't scold me for staying up so late doing such things. Now i really feel so relieve and the feel of biggest success!!! All of them wearing your designed badges during events, what will you feel??? *jumping happily!!!!!*

That's the 1st time i'm designing badges =D HAHA, from my perspective, still i thinked it's really quite NOT BAD.... hehe! and I like it!! and TWO of them love it as well... I begged others will love it too, later only declare to them their "ICAC" PASS *ngek ngek ngek* Maybe i'm SS-ing too much la, but i felt happy for being SS-ing, hoping for the best for everything. That's my quote! =) Cheeze!

p/s: Do drop me some comments if you feel it's ugly or anything need to be improved. Thanksss!

YEA, smart and formal style. I'm lovin it!! HEHE! :p

I still have lots to learn. Just realised that i only know how to design DIY pictures those informal style things, when really come to formal DIY presentation I was totally stuck!! I'm so frustrated for the past few weeks for being short of formal creativity designing :'( I'm starring at her design and start to think about it. Why should i think in a way of soooo complicated? Seee, simple is nice!! Still.... Way to Go!!!!!! Moving forward to learn from those genius.. AHA creativity award really not just a name but it's really FIT ON HER. I want it toooo!!! =p Jiayou!!!

*Enjoy learning each and everything from them, Hey! They are Genius!! I'm still a small potato :)*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Isaribi Tei

12 June 2009 - 1.40pm

Wow, i thinked this has been weeks. Lazy + Busy = No Entry :p lol

Mid of May. Finally i get to find a only free day for my dear LJJJ & Co. At first, i was thinking of can i just drop them a big "aeroplane" :p coz that time i was really sick. But finally i make up my mind and still go for it.

Taken @ Coffee Island

Jap food fever ppl sure go for Japanese food. This time we went to Isaribi Tei - A

I quite like its set dinner. Price consider very reasonable and food was quite delicious except its ice cream like bought from tesco even stated as "homemade" LOL. The rice served i don't think is original Jap rice.. So wasted that it's not, if not that would be perfect :)

AHA, sorry just for a very short one. 3 hours of sleep, just get back from office for GISAW big event. I'm gonna packing up now, havent pack up my luggage yet :p Departing to KL soon! See ya around.. haha! I'm guaranty myself will sleep like pig in car later HAHA!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beloved CASH

The ONLY FORMAL Cash Team pictures which taken by today to be published in Mag:) Wall of Fame, I should say it proudly, "I FEEL SO GLAD TO BE HERE APART OF IT, what a rare opportunity! =D" Finally...... *happy* I wish i have chance to stand here and to be shooted again in the future. Gambatte neh!!

Haiyo, what a waste for Baby Gary, absent pula ^0^ hmm....Nvm, i thinked i can do something about "it" :p

p/s: Don't know why everyone of us looks so short short and cute cute, more like during secondary school instead of a professional executive :p Even 176cm also became 150cm. Photographer's skill need to be polished. XD ahem ahem.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Miss me?

Hey guys, Miss me?
I miss you so much! =D
Hey long time no see lol..

Actually i've lots of say =) But still i choose to be quiet. HAHA! Ok la, just drop by to tell you guys im still alive and im fine here!! MUAHAHAHA! Good night!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone of you who concern about me! THANKS a lot!

p/s: I've a lot to blog loo, let me finish the task on my hand 1st. See u! <3