Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Up and Down

Finally have time to blog before procceed to work. Just back from hospital again.

Hmm, Just back from SG yesterday. 12 hours walk continuously everyday @ there. FUN but Tiring.. Those people there were very fast paced. If you really compared the speed those people walking in LRT/MRT station in KL & SG. It's a very big different. Glad that i didn't cancelled my trip! So happy can meet again my 3Sifu all together, Kel my 3 years no see roomie, small bear another 5 years time and finally batu mama for few months time. Don't even have time yet to review again my photos and video taken in SG.

Oh ya, havent updated you guys about Ah Pa's situation. He was admitted to hospital last friday. All brain scan and medical report released the day after that, his tiny nerve of this head was stuck. That's the reason why non-stop of headache and facing problem when walking. Luckily it can be cure just have some medicine from time to time, no need to undergoing operation :D However, not allow to smoke, drive his "mercedes motor" and even car anymore. Between, it's still a good news!

His high blood pressure was so inconsistent. But today he looks much even better! GREAT he has good appetite today!

Alright just a very short entry, not enough time then. Will blog about my trip when i'm only free then.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The worries come across again?

Actually i plan to write an entry today about how happy am i lately and those stuff which i can't wait for? But now.........

Sis back from KL later.

The worries attacked me again today after accompany him to see doctor.
"Strok" is the phrase i scared a lot a lot now!!! Can pls stop using this word in front of me?

I didn't that emotional as last time for this time. Calm in listening and speaking although still can't control my tears. Thinking of what should we do now for the time being?

I'm still struggling..... Should i still going SG this Sat? Should I?
Wondering She able to sacrify with me if i don't want to go anymore, or just let her be,let her go alone lol.....

Or should i just listen to Sing, pukul dia pengsan then hantar dia pi hospital tomorrow? :'(

Hope he feel better with no headache again tomorrow!!!! RECOVER SOON!!!!!









Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trust Man?!!

Trust Man? Will you... Recently I've been hearing lots of point of view on this topic? I'd spend the whole night yesterday to really read through what's all about Jack Neo scandal affair news and watched the press conference video too. As again TODAY, i'd listened to Chen Fung 988 on air, coudn't believe all callers call in are all about their husband scandal affair. OMGGG! What happened to this world nowsaday??? Too much of sexual attraction lately huh...

How important is a MARRIAGE & FAMILY for them? :( So dissapointed! Where's the responsibilt? Love is not a game!!!! WTH! While listening to 988 at work, we did have a discussion on this topic. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, dissapointly you know what ONE of those guys said? "Why man not allow to have secret affair? You know sometimes guys really can't control of those sexual attraction?" I DON'T KNOW! If he's my bf, i will CHOP him into pieces then throw him into the sea, glad that i'm not. *joking ok!* HAHAHAHAHA! Wish he doesn't read this :P

How about the video? I really impressed of the forgiveness of Mrs Neo. How many woman will do so after his own husband had secret affair with around 11 women for the past few years. There were 11 times, will you believe him won't step into another relationship again after he appologized. CRAP! Why should she stand out and said "I forgive you!" :'( It's belongs to personal family problem, should it settle at home instead? Why should she? She'd forced to face the media to protect his director reputation? I felt very pity on her... God has the eyes and will bless those who really need blessing right? God bless Irene K'ng!!

Frankly, he is a very good director! and I like his movie!! Even he did scandal or not totally not influence whether i will watch his movie again or not! Anyway, wish his appology was not just verbally said.

You know how hurt when you hurt someone mentally?
Hey Guys out there, PLS RESPECT WOMAN ok!~

I'm very respect of those guys who really respect us LADY! :D Oh ya i'm yet a woman :P Sweet talk or manja can be just nothing at times. If you care of someone, just take some action will do =)


P/s: Pls pour water on my head, i'm super hot now!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Queensbay Blissful Contest

Baby YeeYee first time in contest. Awww, very sui this photo, killer! HAHAHA!

:) Appreaciated if you can cast her a vote=liked in FB :D Thank You!


Due Date: 12 March 2010