Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai =D

Keong Hi Huat Zai! Huaaaat ahhhhh...
It's all about family here!


As usual, 4th uncle back from Singapore and join us for reunion. So we always 6 kaki makan. This year we didn't have steamboat as mum already cooked a lot for ordering customers. So mum just cooked Xtra then we eat. Eat anything also ok as long as all of us can gather together =D Weehoo, Cheers Ooi's family!

Baby Yee and family came for early bai ni as they will leave for Medan the next morning. Oh, no chance to see baby in cheongsam this year XD Will meet her again this sat! Oh my baby :)

Tu tu, 2nd sis taikajie lead the papalang neighbours children for fire crakers.

*Police station just beside, tak tangkap pun:p*

Influenced by the fengshui tv show on that night. So i just followed what she mentioned to be done during CNY.

1)Put under your parents pillow, sleep after 1am on CNY eve and 1st CNY for their longevity [DONE - papa coudn't even realise his angpao under his pillow; mum realised that heee]

2)Want your dreams come true? Write your wishlist on a red paper and put under your pillow [hoho, i don't have red papers either]

3)1st CNY - leave house for family visit from 9-11am "huat ahhh" time
Step out your LEFT leg 1st while leaving your house [We left after 11am and i've already forgot to do so]

CNY Day1

I always so envy of those who have grandparents. They can all gather along in a place and celebrate together. I don't have either since 10 years+. I miss my Ah Mah! :( I miss sayang by Ah Mah! I still remembered last time she was slept in the room i'm sleeping right now.

Family visit - Do Re Mi Fa So[ Around 4-5 houses:p]

Lunch @ 1st aunty's house [Melayu Buffet]

Seems like every year 1st day CNY also sunny day, ong ah!! This year's weather was super hot compared previous year, HEAT! If rainning then really must be something wrong....

CNY Day2

Open House [Nyonya food] @ my house. This year just open for family NO friends. Merry Merry! Hmm, but this year seems to be weird. I've no idea, it's very weird! Don't know short of what... It's just short of something...

Hey man! I'm not even gamble this year yet!!!!!! How come??????? What happened????

Counting down 5 more days back to work XD

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cash CNY Pre Reunion

MY CNY2008 =D hee, So how will it be this year 2009?

Yoyo everybody, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!! :) Wish you guys has a properous new year! Fatt Choy Fatt Choy! *not forget my angpao :p* 大家大家,喜气洋洋,新年快乐,万事如意!新年想起我,记得约我出来聚聚,让我想起你!呵呵!*random*

988春风吹到你的家 - fake version of Moonlight Resonance :p

Last weekend, WE went mainland in 4 cars to Khun Tai Thai Restaurant for CNY pre reunion. Talkative gang in a car, babyG, Timon, BN, Koong and I! Not forget to mention that you guys are FUN! Heard from EK how nice how nice but cancelled for a few times. Finally we make it this time! After years, finally sit ferry again, quite interesting rather than used penang bridge. It's more relaxing!

We divided into 2 groups - Steam gang and Spicy gang. HAHA! Spice girls -> Spice Unisex who crazy over all spicy foods. I would thumbs up, you guys are superb and sometimes overwhelmed!:p Tomyam there i would say just OK, at least PG tomyam can compete with it. But its kheong sam is great! Our kheong sam soup is cooked with fried siakap. Maybe it's my 1st time taste it so it's very special to me! Super duper spicy and very nice! Our spicy gang keep asking to refill the kheong sam soups until the waiter also shock :p crazy gang!! Better still find a place where have nice kheong sam in Penang, so next time no need to travel so far away.

Kinda enjoy lots of people travel along! =D Unfortunately our cny Seremban+Melaka trip has been cancelled coz of unforseen circumstances. Aiyo so rarely we can have a long holidays together. What a waste? HAHA! Luckily i've plan B now :p nehnehnehnehneh!!

I can't wait for CNY!! Really can't wait for family visit once in a year, open house and buddies gathering!!! These are the days everyone back to hometown and we celebrate this days together :) Ang Ang Ang! yayayayayayaya, er jie is back in 2days time! =D weehoo! WELCOME HOME SWEET HOME! Cant wait for 1 week holidays hanging around, have to really utilise it :p

Actually 8th CNY night is the most memorable night i've been waiting for! I treat it very seriously on this day. I really want whole family all around on that night and have a Ti Gong Pray. Never miss it in my life. I REALLY WISH I CAN MAKE IT! PLEASE LET ME TO DO SO, CAN YOU??!!! *Im worried about this but i not dare to ask, i scared to accept the fact*

p/s: Timon, your phrase really hurt me badly just now :( You so evil! This is not caring, is criticise... I'm so sad of my huge change of appetite, I'm NOT as this last few months before i joined Citi! :'( "Transfer to morning" suddenly appear on my mind... I want tell Ti Gong, I want back my normal lifestyle, normal behavior and normal appetite! *anxious I think something goes wrong of me now*

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Life isn't that bad isn't it?

Times flies! It's really can't imagine time past so fast since I've left secondary school. When day is silent esp at night, i spend a lot time to think about. What have I done in these few years? Do i really appreaciate every minute and every second of all this while. It seems like "blank" i refreshed of anything meaningful i've done? :( Kinda sad that time isn't wait for me.

HK called me Gina again today; Grace called me Gina; Rynes told me," Didn't seen you for years, you still this size, hmmm i wonder when is the time i will see you grow up :p". Should i happy or sad? They said I still looks like a child. Sometimes i'm so pleased to hear that as i don't want to be old that soon :) However, there's most of time i felt so down when they calling me like this. God delivered me this look. Even that strange or else, I shall be glad to have all this and YOU in my life =D I'm so pleased! I'm matured thinking ok even i look like a kiddy :p haha! I'm matured than you!

It's doesn't matter what you called me, i can accept that :) Doraemon la, AngGu la what so ever. Oh ya, I assume is my nickname. But please don't play around with my name with 18sx stuff. I EXTREMELY HATE IT! You can take any picture of me if you want to when there's a dinner or what function. People busy at work talking on phone and suddenly see you holding your hp and focus on me. Maybe it's normal for you but i thinked that was totally crazy! Wondering shoot for what purpose? *scratched* Even artist also need some breath. But I'm not even a star either. I'm so scared of you.. I'm just scared of people around me right now. Worried of my safety :p Do i think too much? Maybe.. Think too much = More wrinkle[keke] I will forget about this soon.

Feel so lonely... lonely night! XD

I wish Moo Moo Year will less worries and happy all the time!! <3

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dizzy Weekend

I've been MIA didn't online for days, now i'm back! hee..

Talked about last weekend..I know i worked on Sat! :) Should i :( or :) Whatever, i like the atmosphere @ work...


Fetched Baby from nursery early morning, brought her to Mc D and Pizza Hut

I never realise that eldest sis and i soo look alike, hoho, bcz of that spectacles.

After that early visit to Lynn's house for steamboat. It's her birthday celebration on that night. But at night working so went there greet earlier. I knew that i still sick at that time but still have steamboat :p [sakai beh zai si] So after steamboat and work, i was like collapse!!


Seriously from my point of view, i think sports can cure sickness. So I've been aggressively went jogging and swimming on Sunday. haha! Does it works? But it do works on me at least. For me, it works psychologically! :p But just turn sick became flu. hahahaha! What a fabulous answer? Ok la i can accept that since it's less torturing.. heeee!

Wake myself early at 6am went jogging @ botanical garden, eat kuey tiao teng and go Indian market shopping :p rutine! Oh yea Oh yea, i've got a dress from the retailer shoplot there. Superb worth it! Saw it before in online shopping, quite like it but unfortunately scared of the quality and materials. Luckily i get it only by now after trying somemore half price cheaper. Oh yea!! What a lucky day for me, last piece! haha.. I'm crazy over dress now! heee, forgive me that i spend too much of money again! But it's CNY once in a while! haha...

Next date: Met with my best best friends :) I miss my best Twins!! weehoo!

playing around with smile shutter with them, can't stop laughing! They will kill me if they saw these pics! :p

Lastly went swimming @ Marina Bay.

Oh yeah, my sunday start with sport and end with sport =D heee! Superb healthy me! I mean only sunday.. haa!

p/s: I looked soo "ahem" [i mean Chan]physically on camera!! :( Should eat less and sleep more then..I feel like neglecting few of my friends lately. Don't know why? I care! I need more "time"!! Time not enough

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Nice anger took by Jon. thanks Jon! So suddenly realised that I also have a nice anger like this..keke! 27122008

It has been a week Baby Yee left :(
It has been three days Bobo leave home sweet home to another strangers house :(
I miss them madly! Superb miss!

Mum was visited Baby Yee @ her kindergarden today. YeeYee was in tears when looking at her. In the end both cried together! I can imagine how's the situation just now. Cham! terrible.. I miss yeeyee!

When i've just awake, Bobo already carried away by ChunYee :( Sad, Why can't i have two puppies? Don't know how's her right now with new owner. Hope she's fine there! My little Coco was quiet this few days, didn't active as previous maybe coz of her sister was leaving. Just bought her a toy ball from gurney just now, hopefully it will cheer her up!!

Don't know what goes wrong with me today! Wake early 11am uncomfortablely have a high fever so suddenly. Quickly go and have two tablets of panadol and force myself to sleep again. Really difficult fall asleep, fortunately in the end yes. Koong's phone call wake me up for work! I was expected i will MC today but suddenly feel much better. How can a high fever so easy come easy go? What goes wrong with me? I miss kampung makbur meesua soup and bak moi!!=D Sick people like me need them so much! How i wish i can have it right nowwww!! But it already closed when i finished my work :( I WANT! I miss tomyam soup too.. I miss Tempura! I miss japanese buffet!!

Sunday only can have it, today still need to work. It's a beautiful saturday! I can't wait for Sunday! Happy Sunday MeMeMe! :) and happy working today! :( Today saturday! lol..*headache now*


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm going to crazy soon! Tiring! Recently we're so used to back at 1-2am but now the trend seems to be change to 4-5am. This Sat and next Sat also need to get back to work. Die! I'm going to exhausted soon!! Work 6 days rest 1 day!! Hopefully this lifestyle doesn't stay longer. Hello, say byebye soon please!

Oh ya, not forgetting last Sun I went to see S.H.E @ Autocity! Yaa, went with the gentlements.

As usual, i still love Hebe's voice! Unique! However, Selina and Ella's interaction with fans were pretty good!!! Their taiwanese language became hokkien was extremely funny!!! Lol, they're still as pretty as usual!

I've got their album FM S.H.E :) Their previous album was so much better! At first, i thought this album just soso so not going to buy this. In the end I scared i will regret so i bought it! :p haha! I know i will regret.. heee.. Yea, Now i've got 2 Ori album of theirs have autograph.

After listened to the whole album rather than listened to radio, it wasn't that bad. It's still acceptable for me..
But their LIVE was sooo much better!! *expected of course*

I don't know why the style and rythmm of music in this century do changed a lot! Weird at times, I'm not really can accept this type of music!! Maybe i'm OUT! I thinked 90's century music is much better. Doesn't sounds complicated; Pleasant, feel comfortable listened to it and won't getting bored listen repeatly.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Welcome a brand new day of Forever 长长久久 2009!

Thought of wanna blog on the actual 01.01.2009 but unfortunally yesterday came back too tired swicth on my notebook then don't know when's the time i slept ki liao :p haha! When i wake up just now, my notebook still on?

First of all, *bears u reading right?:p* A very THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my Mama Bear, Alien bear and Super Bear of your support to Da-nell @ autocity last Mon! *wub wub* On my behalf... haha! :p neh! THANKS Super for the video 1st but then pls sent me sent me =) yea, I heard you guys are sooo GREAT in shouting and enjoying on that day! Join me next time then won't you?? muahaha! *anyway bow Thanks, love you muacks*

Since 01.01.2009 so special, here's my 1st day in details!

12am-5am countdown @work *WE shouted "happy new year" sharp 12am yea in office! :p always the same, sure my turn to do call back and it's high volumm :p ong lah me! My 1st meal for 2009 - burger ayam special

6am-9am Zzzzz.. Pig..

10am-12pm Cousin's Popiah and Nobita's engagament.. keke

12-3pm We headed to G hotel Miraku japanese restaurant for lunch :)
2nd time been there!!! I love their foodieeeee!! My tempura!! <3

and sooooo luckily we bump into Ron Ng Cheuk Hei =D hoho! YeaYea! Seen him in tvb drama so often but never been seen him in person.... kakaka! So lucky! My eldest sis's fav song "别怪他" sang by him but unfortunately she coudnt get personal pic!! His manager said he was rushing to airport wo... Actually he just passed me when he was about going to washroom..

Nobita [my future cousin's husband]: "Heyyyy, ng cheuk hei ah!!!!!!!"

Doraemon [me]: "Where?? Where??"

Nobita: "Just now wear cap eh guy ahhhh!! Just walked behind me just now ah !!! Go into the washroom liao... you faced him, you didnt see meh?"

Doraemon: "Harrrr, i know a guy wear cap la!! But is he??? ng cheuk hei wooo? U sure or not??? Why nobody follow him????? so weird.... you see wrongly already la!!!"

Nobita:"I'm very sure la! I see his face!!! Is him... when he about to approach me, i already can feel the "star feel星味"

Doraemon: "Waaaa, you so holiaoo! Star feel you also can feel!! :p Ok la then we just wait, see later is him or not!!"

Then we wait since we're not rushing! Waaaa, he went into washroom for about 10minutes still didn't come out. Weird! A guy with a big bag waiting for him.. I guess is his manager! lol...

Here's Ron who acted in tvb drama <学警雄心> , the bad guy in <酒店风云> and etc

I know la! This pic i looked soo "chan" and weird....
kekeke! He's very cool in person!!!! and superb tall 180cm height really not just a "something" but is a "WoW"

3pm-9pm Go home helping up mum cooking.... She cooked for 50 heads Datin's new year dinner.. cut this and that into slices, fried eggs, fried yellow ginger chicken etc etc.... the things which i able to do lo :p Then headed to Datin's house with mum helping up.....

Until don't know when i back, switch on my notebook listen to music then don't know how and when i slept already with notebook ON... haha! How complicated is it?