Friday, August 6, 2010

First of September

September Eleven is the date of the terrorist attacked tragedy.

But First of September is a brand new day for me =))

Can't wait these days back to me after so many months of waiting.


I regretted the decision i'd made 2 years ago :( Really do! Lead me to physically change a lot, healthiness do affected as well..... Or i should say i'm not regretted but just the period is way too long. I learned a lot throughout this 2 years and 4 months. The most importantly, i'd met the best ever Boss in my life. Okay, he's really do, indeed capable! :D Glad he's still my boss after that... Oh yeah!

It had already past. I hope the coming days will bring me to the brighter doorway.
It's time to make a change! CHANGING!!!!!

YOU CAN DO IT, JUST AIM AND GO FOR IT!!! CTL, i'm coming!! =) Another learning arena...