Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving Forward with a new mission?

2010 isn't a good kick start for me. Let's say today enough, I BANG my face to my keyboard stand this morning. *ahhh, steel ah my head* :P DAMN Painful!!! I guess tomorrow my face will Oohh Che O.o like Chong Mou Yin. HAHA! Just now cook supper wantan mee, the moment i hold the ear of pan, OUCHHH burn my forefinger. *ouchh now my finger like turtle shell grow on it* Ok la, damn bad luck today d.... Still looking forward for a GOOD GOOD Day after today =) I wanna be like AVATAR can?

Yo, i've set none of mission for this year. Don't dare to set but i guess i have nothing to pursue to now.

Just wish that ALL OF US stay happy and healthy at all time. That's simple! Hope just the ONLY wish, God will fullfill my lil wish.

Ang Kong, wa bo tam sim, you will fullfill mine right?

Prosperity "burger"? :P Lol... Seen her like see Mc D! HAHA!


My fav so called "don't know what name" @ Matt To Lou KL.. While ordered, just say Yea I want that one something with yolk. That's it! HAHA! Went for twice still can't remember the actual name..

Alright, new mission for the year CRAVE FOR More food!!! HEEEE! Lol...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hungry Zombie @ PG


Ahhh, Doing this i'm seriously VERY HUNGRY NOW!!!!

Craving.. Craving!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

For "Anonymous"

Hello :D Thanks so much for your compliment.

Even i don't know who you are and where you're from? But i guess you're near to me, don't you?

That's the way you encourage me moving forward, keep designing and keep contributing. Thanks so much! :'(

I'm so interested to know who are you? Could you please text me or reply?
Boss? Sin Yew? Ah Hui? Chris? Siew Hooi? Ahh impossible gua... Sivaram? Who? Tell me please :D and i'll give you sweets :P HAHAHAHAHA! If you paiseh, then nvm la, understood. HEHE! I guess you're TSY, is it? :P

Anyway, Whoever you are. I'm pleased to have your support to bring me forward! THANKS again anonymous! =) Actually I do feel touched at this moment.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visit Penang 2010-2012

Visit Penang 2010-2012

p/s: If you want the calendar, just text me or drop me a msg k. Thanks!

That's part of my work weekly for SC 2009. Going to miss all these days of contributing ideas and DIY stuff. One more month to go.. and I will resigned from all this stuff, let's the new members of 2010 to hand over.

Thinked of how those days goes on with ZERO cost all the time with brilliant events. Speedy typing contest, durian fest, blood donation, charity month, appreaciation year 09' and forgetting the biggest events of all - Gisaw & Bowling Citi's community day. BRAVOOO SC2009! GREAT job everybody, We've made it!!!

That's lots of reason behind I'd choose to leave all that and not accepting the "chairlady" position. Chairlady sounds WOW isn't it? One year before maybe i care of all these. However, it's not really important to me now. What so ever? :D As long as happy with what i've now!

Definately MISS YOU GUYS!! WELL DONE The crazy team!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally He went =) =) =)

That's the GREATEST news to be hear! =)=)=) At least he step out his first step which gives hope and pray.


Wake up very early to clinic with mum in different cars so that he won't suspect anything. Carry my chords file act like going to class went off. Planned to talk and discuss with the "familiar" Dr any way can force him go see doctor. Just realised that he lied to us for all this while. Since year 2005 until now, he never ever stepped into Dr's room for medical check up, NEVER! :'( How sad? How could the "BABY" act like Dr for these 4 years time? Everytime he was saying, "Yea i went to see doctor, Yes i went!" Meaning everytime he just went off and bought back some high-blood pressure tablets by not doing any check up on his high blood, nothing...

Keep persuading, persuading until 2pm something finally he promised me he will go but without any companion. Guess he also can't stand with my all time crying voice d. I thought i need to be paparazi followed him every places, lucikly no need for this time. That's a long story co-operated with the nurse keep updating with his condition. As expected, he just went to get medicine again!! The nurse lied to him saying that the medicine out of stock need to see doctor to get another batch. BINGO! Fortunately he still Guai tia uaaa. Lastly he get to see doctor and blood test everything. Here knows the result what happened on him?

Don't really know the new medicine suit him or not. Have to take care of his appetite todays onwards. Ahhhh, All his 3-in-1 coffee i have to swallow all into my stomach d.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PLS go to see doctor =(

Was just reached Penang. Mind was stuck, I don't know what to do now?


He was really not feeling well. Heart not feeling well like stuck. Tight slack now so much looser. Looks so lamn uncomfortable. Still don't want to go to see doctor.

我知道他有苦衷的。他怕看医生,怕医生说他有病要进医院。老人家最怕医院!我何尝不怕?:'( 我现在很害怕!不敢去想。好怕失去我最爱的老爸!!!他又不去看医生,怎办??

好好的劝他,他却说他没事,明明就很明显不舒服; 大呼小叫的,他又说别气我,不然我更快死;叫他看医生,他说自己会去看,可是都一天了都还没有去看。




Friday, January 8, 2010

My DIY Mug <3

I'm contributing my design again for SC Citi and this time is for appreaciation gift 2009 =) Ahhhh i'm very touched when i see the softcopy now become a tangible mug in front of me. and that was from me :'( How proud! =) and most of them in office will use my designed mug now =) =) HAHA! OK ma, Still looks not bad ma hor! Not consider ugly! At least it looks "formal" and suitable to use by all the executives and top management. HAHAAHAHAHA! :P

The Softcopy.... tada and now......

Finally PRINTED & DELIVERED today! *touched*

Mr Prez's limited own designed mug! I've got one with card! THANK YOU Okoklah! :)

and not forgeting to THANKS Franky from KL COE for the card too =) THANKS!


I've tried a few before it has been finalised. It's tuff, i nearly giving up after keep rejected one by one. At the same time, i've received lots of feedback from prez, members and colleagues - too girlish, cartoon not suit for executive, too simple and etc. I'm glad that finally it's accepted! Fuiyoh... *take a deep breath* FINALLY I'VE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!! =)

p/s: I wanna know, i wanna know! How's feeling holding the MUG and drinking? :D ahhh, seok sendiri! HeHe!

Excited now, plan to design more and printed one set for family and friends (special event). It sounds GREAT isn't it? =)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Brand New Year 2010

Step Step Goes High 步步高升!

This is my 1st post for the brand new year! :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Roar Year..

May everything goes well this year! =) It doesn't matter it's not a GREAT year but i just wished everything i wanna do goes smoothly. I do have 4 wishes last year and i were so aggressively worked hard towards them. Just one of them succeed. Hmm... From the 1st day i stepped into, I have a BIG DREAM! However, my spirit doesn't stay anymore..... Don't know where it goes. Everyday just passed in calm, i seems like a robot. Wished i can make a change soon! Bring back my confidence!

Love is all around. Cherish all the time! <3

50th anniversary, will it be another 50's? Nice to see but dot dot dot :P FREE better than none right? :)

FOUR DAYS no internet access really killed me! I've nothing to do at home! The outcome I've successfully recorded my 1st performance - 情非得已 =) VERY HAPPY! Just realised it has RECORDING function :P Has been NG N times, finally played successfully. Fuiyohh... It wasn't perfect 100%, at least good try! BRAVO! Wished one day i can play ONE time kao tim. When's the day will come? =) DREAM DREAM DREAM.... Going to buy USB cable connect to computer, wanna listen my LIVE mp3 in my blog soon? Yayayayaya *PROUD* =) =) =) I wanna make me proud of myself!!