Thursday, December 17, 2009

I look superb cute Now!~ 2010

The first phrase when everyone come to me was, "CUTE LO!" "KAWAII NEH"

Sometimes i do looked into the mirror and I also really beh dong myself!!! :P This hairstyle look over cute on me. Hence, do i need to act cute and pose 1, 2, 5 when greeting someone? Wakakakakaakaka, only match with my look what? OH MY GOD!

12122009 :

Looked for Boon for the 1st time to be my hairstylist.. My best friend's bf! Knowing him for soooooooo many years d, haven't bong chan his saloon :P Nahhh, this call friend..HAHAAH! Finally!!!!! I went!!! Never knows he was that geng! Yea he didn't dissapointed me :)I'm glad!! I like it very much!!!! Just one weakness, over cute d :P Coz i don't to be "that" cute but lady like..

Funny dialogue happened:-

Boon: 烫直还是卷? Decide d, Straight or Curly?
Leng: 给你自由发挥啦,烫直!Freestyle la, as you like. As long as straight will do..
Boon: 啊,烫直了哪还能给我自由发挥么?自由发挥,就卷啦!适合你的脸! Ah, what else can i do after straightening? Nothing much d :P Freestyle I curl lah, suit you...
Leng: 呵呵,OK啦,你喜欢啦!不要把我的脸弄大就好。。 OK lah, whatever... as you like :P Just don't want my face look that big enough..

The outcome after sit there from 2pm to 9.30pm: LIKE THAT loo. He said i follow cute trend one. So in the end become that cute lo! Coming friday wanna go dye hair d, don't want that bright colour d. How's red purple, nice? =)

Very not use to my look now. I look like another person now, i wanna slim down myself! Hopefully can slim down my dudu face at the same time. Yeaaaa, i've made it for 3 days d, GAMBATTE! =)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank You! 谢啦!=)

YaYaYa, i'm on leave today for no reason :) Relaxing @ soulful place..

THANK YOU for all birthday wishes! Superb touched this year.. Maybe coz the outcome after watching 2012 for the past few weeks.

I'm appreaciate each and everyone who taking a step wishing me! You don't know the gifts you gave he/she will like it or not isn't it? lol, expensive gift sometimes just nothing. In case he/she likes it, yea congrats you've made her/his day!!!

Anyway, a simple birthday card or a wish will always make my day =) I am likey!! HAHA!! I still remembered the time past 12am on 25Nov, they sang birthday song to me @ work, so lovely! *wub* Sometimes you've to work on your birthday also HAPPY what?


Christmas is around the corner!!!!! HoHoHo, Oh Yea Oh Yea, i love this atmosphere of season greeting!


By the way, Dan's new song 流行性感冒 is so nice!!! :D I'm so likey the way he sang it out this song!! HAHA! So crazy, keep repeating what i've recorded. Now, i'm going to figure out how can i play this song with my keyboard and sing it out nicely <3 HAHAHA! Good way!! But ahhhhh very difficult to sing ahh...

Fortunately have this song, or else i really don't know what should i say. When i first listened to Jazz XZHXZN, i was kinda speechless, dissapointed! :( Does his album going to be all sing it that way?? I thinked Jazzy XZHXZN sounds overact. Ahhh, don't kill me!! :P There's comparison for both of it, i still like the previous version very much =)

Looking forward for more nice songs.......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Everybody, i'm still alive! :)

This post is to clarify that i'm still alive. HAHA!

Guess, I'm over neglecting my blog here.. I try to bring back my mood in blogging. Anyway, it's precious every night when i stepped into my own place, listening to the song aired ~ Mandy Moore's Only Hope.. It's kinda relaxing!

=) Get me back here, my lovin soulful place. Miss everybody!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cash Annual Dinner '09

Since i stepped into Citi, both year company annual dinner has been cancelled. So unlucky, Economic Crisis.. Hopefully i still have chance to attend if there's one NEXT YEAR..

Assuming this is our annual dinner, but by our shared :P Celebrating our excellence team award in 2009 as well *OH YEAH* All Cash team get excellence team award continuously!! Hurray hurray, the next must be RSU cash team! *OH YEA OH YEA* Hopefully after one circulation cash , then get back to our team AGAIN! HAHA...

Anyway, heard lots of neutral and bad comments for G-hotel buffet. At last we still go for it since haven't experienced it. No more next time :P Not much variety and its food just superb so so. Totally not recommended. I rather eat at home.. HAHA! So far Park Royal buffet is the best! Find one day have to go and try for E&O.. I heard that was pretty nice!

Gals recognised the most handsome guy in Cash! :P

Newbies newbies! USM junior... lol.. Anyway, young is always the capital of all.. Who doesn't looks good when he/she was young?

Guys recognised the most handsome guy in our team! :P Errrr..

kekeke seriously I don't think so! Maybe when he dressed in formal wear that time he do, looks much better... matured carrer type lol.. Alright, No further comment.. or else i'm gonna being screwed if he read this! haha!

Our dearest Boss! :D

This is the 1st time i see him doing his silly face, showing off his muscle and kiss pose to another guy *oh my goodness* He said i'm drunk... I think he's the drunkest among all that night.. Muahahahaha! By all means, even without alcohol but apple juice..

Bruce "Li" and Bruce "Han"

Who is the greatest Muscle Man? :P

Sing Sang Sung.. Opera! Lalala...

This "han kok chee" seems to be taukeh here! lol

Oh My "Besties" Hmm, how i wish Seng & MonMon attended this as well? Sakai punya lah..

RSU Cash - the coming team award :D

FIPP Cash - 1st Quarter team award

CTL Cash - Last Quarter team award

Gentlemen with Boss

Ladies with Boss


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Light "Refreshment" =D

I'm telling myself i'm going to sleep as soon as i can after work. I still WANT my eyes and i don't want to lost them...

So here's the refreshment :P I'm going to blog about it tomorrow if possible after my breakfast! :D

Coming Up!

Behind The Scene which not posting up in facebook. HAHA! lol....

Thursday, November 12, 2009











Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Global Community Day 2009

I seems like never blog for SC events.. :D hmm..

This is the biggest event of the year after GISAW - Let's Bowl!
It's a busy Saturday!!

I'm quite dissapointed didn't get a single donation from my team. Haiz! Maybe I collected donation too often, last few weeks just collected fund for philippines and Indonesia's victims which is quite a sum of money nearly RM200. BRAVO! I sounds like vampire hor, but sucking money :P lol.. Anyway, feel so glad to get involve in such a meaningful event by doing charity :)

Social committee really not an "easy" job, MonMon saw there's no more dettol liquids in pantry, shouting "LO!! SC!! Do something!!" When new hired on board and no accompanion, "LO!! SC!! SC!! Your job!" Ghai looooooo :P Sounds like MAID isn't it?? lol, they just kidding me.....HAHA! SC have to socialize people at all time? SC not everything lah! Blek!

My eyes just halfly open in the afternoon.. Feel like sleeping at 12pm..HAHAHA!

One Citi's Global Community Day

Partner with Eric for Registration

Registration Going on......

Having Fun at times...

The committees with advisors...

I can feel the spirit throughout the events this year. I thought we are FABULOUS! Love them so much!! Sometimes i just can't control myself to think about, what else can i contribute to? Anyway, i don't think i will join again next year. So i will give my all this year. Maybe next year i will left this Co. too... Hopefully this "timing" won't approach me... Pray for the best! I've got an undescribeable loyal feeling to this company. However, I'm still wondering what's the attraction that makes me so loyal to...

The Trophy.. I WANT ONE! :P but i loose!

A fake prize presentation ceremony :P hahaha! The Grand Prize goes to Audrey Foo!!!

Citi's big boss Mr Sunder on boarding *Applause*

Dylan Kick Start the game!!! Wohoo! ADA gaya! :D Strike too..

The "TWO" AHA who i'm so respect and inpire to be ... Creativity!!!!!

Ah Rene cheering or "singing" muahaha!

Sivaram's family!!! :D Mix US+India daughter! Pretty!

TWO siao kia..

*Photo credit to Ah Hui*
HAHAHAHA! My bowler team members - Yew, Dylan and Wan are considered great bowler! I was very busy keep cleaning the lane after they strike, strike, strike... OH MY GOD! :P I'm really not good in this, as i see.... since years ago, no improvement! kekeke...

I lefted earlier for dinner.. Anyway, AH HUI makes us proud!! 2nd Runner Up!!! CONGRATS!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Love Tissot

With My Love! =)
My early birthday present for myself! Thank you ME! :p

Name: my dear SotSot :p
DOB: 31.10.2009

I'm so lucky! It's NEW ARRIVAL, just reach in the morning. Fresh from the "oven".

Posing! Posing! HAHA! I know that i'm a lil sampat! :p But anyway pls forgive me as this is the 1st time i bought an sooooo expensive watch for myself! Oh yaa should say i never bought a watch for myself, my old baby Casio was a present scoring 3A's in STPM. Sooo you see it has been years ago. Now i get a new one!!! :D YEAHHH! and with empty pocket now.. HAHAHAHA!

Alright just a gift for the year 2009. Last year get a camera, what's next? HEHE.. Maybe next time i'm jobless? Just able to cook a basket of red eggs as a present that's it :p

Chun bo? Sui bo? <3

with an elegant big cushion box *look like ambulance isn't it? PeePoo PeePoo*

The 1st time i wear it, i accidentally bang it on my table. OMG! Luckily SotSot didn't injured :p Shock me like heart attacked. Gotta take good care of it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009













要常常叮咛自己,做好自己; 问心无愧,你已经尽力了!

我能做到吧?*我就是那么喜欢犹豫而坏事* 改掉改掉,,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



That's the one i've dropped an XL aeroplane to my friends :p So rarely Mum so guai lui didn't went for "swimming" :p and we can go out to have dinner together! YEAH! That's about it!

After few months of grand opening, this is the 1st time i went. It's under the same boss as Dragon-I, so must be not that bad gua... since mum love Dragon-I that much...

HongKong Cuisine -
Must be Mou Tak Tan ah!!

You have to pay for the environment too :D

The Loving Lou Fu Lou Chei!

Since i blogged for HK Cuisine, should express in a lil way of cantonese then.. Woohaa!! =)

I'm just focus on the siobak!!! *slurp*

Focus on the bowl, its siobak (sioyok) is the BEST of all! Crunchy!! You know my dad and I are siobak all time fansi!! HeHe! As a whole, it's just a very normal Wantan Mee! :D I give 6/10 coz of its siobak. kekeke. Still, my Chef Mum's cooking can be sooooooo much better than this lo...

All just so so lol seriously with that kind of pricing. But the Fish Porridge still consider above average.. Delicious! THE BEST SELLING I thinked is non other than EGG TARTS! Really BEST! Six Star la!! :D Three not enough la, i thinked next time have to double it up only enough.. Teehee!

I just realise something, why everytime my outing post also all about foods? HAHA! Seems like Penang sure won't escape talking about foods lo...

Alright it's time to gao gao zhu again!