Friday, October 30, 2009

PG - Where to Go this Weekend Oct Week V

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p/s: This gonna be the last post for WTGTW :p I thinked that was too boring! lol...haha! Anyway, i'm very lazy nowsaday... Tiring!! Everyday worked like cow, more than 12 hours a day..... Until i've to stop my keyboard class for a month :( Really have no time to practise. Hopefully i can get it back sun sun li li in Dec. Do u think i'm going to crazy soon? Hopefully not... but i'm sick d.....-_- Alright, looking forward for the next cheerful posting! :) Jiayou!!!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

GSC Queensbay Mall Mosaics Cracked

Muahahaha! I'm not qualify to be reporter! :p It's a very delay hot news...
This incident happened on 10 Oct 2009 around 11.30pm. At that time, my friends and i were so bored enough standing there waiting for seating movie "Sorority" after bought our drinks. Suddenly i heard "kik kik crak crak" sound. It becomes louder and louder. The 1st thing refreshed my mind was the scene of "Final Destination", those unscrew sounds become louder and louder. It's almost the same! SCARYY! Will it the movie turn into real? The guy in front me keep moving backward. Keep wondering why? Feel like a little headache.. Thermo for earthquake? Seeing all people running to another corner and we followed too. Witness the mosaics i was standing just now started to crack.... It's so horrible!!! It's expanding to a very big compound just in a few seconds. Luckily we run fast!!

After the incident, they covering it up the cracking place...But still can see some of the mosaics. Luckily still manage to take a few shot after that.

The security guard then came to us and calm us down, "Don't worry, that's the outcome of changing of weather. Oh Well! I don't think it's a good excuse.

It's blur! I'm shaky coz the security guard starring at me! :p

See! If you standing on it that time, what will you feel? GHAI lo!!

What will you say? Will it happen again in QBM? Hopefully not..

It's a nightmare!!!!! I've got a headache after that, maybe not bcz just the incident but Han's driving skill as well.. Hin Hin lo!! wakakaka, like riding roller coaster.

I heard my friend who go the next day, that compound has been decorated as a stage lo. She still thought of maybe there's an event will organise there.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1010 Cash BBQ Party

I always like BBQ! <3 So into it... Like the way being so interactive with each other :D HAHA! Why don't just organised monthly? Not even bored about it...

Am so into this gang! Very crazy! Work Life balance u see :) Forgot everything @ work and having fun together.....公私分明! Cash team is expanding now!! Last year MAY just have us 1 team but now there's more than 4 now.. Those around us become so strange. Those familiar has decided to leave one by one and even transfer into another team. The Next is my Garyson5 member again - MonMon! My cube neighbour always joke and sing along with me :( Our band 01玲義二重唱 going to byebye very soon.

Sometimes those surronding are so influencing......

I just hope that all things i've been putting so much effort working on it will turn into a good result! Now, I don't really care that what time can we go home? Even we did finished up very early and i don't really mind now. I just hope that there's still a chance to get me back to the normal life. Last time was so desperate and mind to $$ but i'm not now. Action has been taken since half a year, i'm still waiting for the timing. Why the timing was so critical? Don't know until when should i waiting for? Should i set a dateline for myself instead? Started to refer back to the newspaper, flipping here and there, I don't really know what i want for now... I'm struggling...

I don't know why my mind keep appearing the images of aging lately.. As i see the surrounding, they are so serious and can't even into the atmosphere of craziness :p I scared that I don't know how to react crazy among my gang anymore when i reached an age. That's the transition to a nightmare!!!

Why people wanna think a simple thing until so troublesome and complicated? For me, that was so simple... Maybe my mind was too simple? Gua.... Or Different people different point of view....So i should accept that fact? Prfff....

That's how we maintain our friendship throughout this.....

See YY, like Ah Piao flyed from heaven.. wakkaka! 天降幽靈! namo namo..
Don't play play, Jagung also is a tool which can stand out in a picture :D when everyone in black..

Only precious memories stayed when everyone sit together :)

When all the crazy "boys" and "girl" [ahem ahem hem hem hem] gathered together! That's what happened!!!!!! Aleh Aleh Aleh....

You can't see me... See my backside!!

I shoot!!! :D blek!

Don't shoot!! Just long queue to the toilet!!! *actually it's aleh aleh pose*

1010 Party A Great Success!!!
MERDEKA Taiwan National Day!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PG - Where to Go this Weekend Oct Week III

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Note: Nine Emperior starting this Sunday 18 Oct until 26 Oct!! :D Hey, Take it seriously these days, coz it's very influencing you know...

Monday, October 12, 2009

PCGHS All Together :)

Just make it short :) Short short and cute cute what? :p

The funny and cute one ..... XD Goon, long time no see *hugsss* *Ah San taking the camera*

Tried to sing my fav 梁文音-最幸福的事 and 張惠妹-分生. Both are really challeging!!!!

The Aging one :p

8 Years didn't meet Ming Inn since graduated. Can't imagine we've already left secondary school for approximately 5 years time. OMG! It's the sign of aging :p You must be glad if you're still in secondary *Wink* Bump into her at the carpark. Still looks familiar with each other. Still the same as in Form 2, we're still the noisiest in the restaurant :D HAHA! Sorry la, can't control ma..

Ming Inn's 14th Birthday Party

Later, She send me this photo during Form 2... I never saw this photo before! SHOCK me.... I took a few seconds to look for myself, finally i find myself! Kekeke.. U know, Really oh my god! Everyone like ah piao, hair in a mess! Anyway, it's precious!!! The Victory :p

I want more gathering in the future!!! :) Can't wait to pat kua with you gals again..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cousin's Related Function

Cousin's Wedding

On stage again lo.... Kena forced one la!!!Represent my cousin bride side wo *faint lo* All not sporting one....... :p Ah Wan brother pushed me to the hell. I'm not even familiar with this cousin and yet my uncle them. I don't know what to say, don't know what to refer her as, just go up and sing then come down. Damn embarassed this time! Its Mic was terribe... Later, i revenged back and dedicated Wan go up the stage and sing :p kekeke, lol his voice was so geng man! His oldies was awesome!!! Earlier He is the one should represent la rather than me. Chiu! I'm just a small potato only. So embarrassed lo... and I sing the same song again :p No choice! HeHe!

The cute old couple... kekeke, saya punya Pak and Bu lo!

Here's my father side: 2nd Ah Pek and family

Yam Sengggggg!

With Sis & dear Baby!! Oh yea, she's in facebook now!!! :D

Those 30's and 40's cousins.. hehe! What a rare photo...

Cousin's House Warming

Left: Natural Pose [Ballet Pose hor?]
Right: Asked for posing Ballet but end up like this... HAHA!

Nothing Much, a very well designed and furnished house. How i wish have one? I'm not requested to have a very big compound nor nice designed unit. I just wish to have a safe and comfortable unit to stay in. So tired of struggling and anxious all the time when it's a rainny day :( Psychological affected is so torturing. Cleaning time is the worst!! Why PG people seems to be so rich :p even the units constructed but not even built has been sold out. Why after the change of PG government will impact the fund for drain maintanence? WTH was that?

Do you think One Malaysia actually work? Let's see what always happened in MCA nowsaday. So dissapointed. I already have the answer.

Baby Yee draw this :) HEHE!

Baby Yee with her FanSi :p

Alright cool down!!!!!! :) *pour some ice on myself* HAHA! It's time to back to the War Camp...

Monday, October 5, 2009

TangLung Festival

Lunar 0815 always been a rainny day in PG :D that's how we celebrate tanglung festival with baby! HooHo, lots of tanglung yea....

She distributed the tanglung to our neighbours Yan, Mei and San. Distribute candles too, as you can see how's her face impression.. like so PROUD ler!! HAHA!

Hmm, wondering if it's not a rainny day sure very merry around neighbourhood..

Time flies, 2 weeks holiday is over. Have to pack my mood and get back to work today lo! Jiayou!!

Coming up next: Friends' gathering, Cousin's open house & Wedding