Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The story of Hokkien Mee

HAHA! Cheese! =)

I've just ate a bowl just now. Suddenly thinked of how precious is hokkien mee for me. People so called Har Mee! :p

I've never ever taste Hokkien Mee before until I was Standard 2. Will you remember when is the 1st time you taste on it?? I still remembered that time was year 1992 during the funfair of my dad ex-company. Finally i took the food vouchers walk around to crave for foods. That's the time dad bought hokkien mee and let me tried on it, "try this, it's good!" Ngong ngong me... that time very hungry so taste it for the 1st time. From that day onwards, i was so crazy about hokkien mee. Lol.. I'm still lovin it....what a childhood story? =D So precious! That fun fair was soo fun! The best hokkien mee i've ate so far, of course i loveeee my mum's the BEST! wohoo! No Ajinomoto with lots of dishes but taste soo good and soo in the taste. HUHU~ *see display picture*

Sushi King Bonanza

Don't know when and when.. I went for that RM2 per plate for the 1st time. YEAH, for the 1st time, coz i never have its member card, so so only ma Sushi King! :p HAHA! Anyway, i like its Golden Ball!! <3 After experience it the "horrible" scramble, i prefer go during normal days with more choices :)

Sushi looks more like One in a Million XD I want japanese buffet!!! hehe..

Monday, April 27, 2009


I should accept the fact that i'm superb de Chan lately. Not dare to take pictures also, i'm not dare to see my Chan face esp my eyes. Too EARLY to sleep XD and unsystematic taking my meal. Now is 2.38am but i've just woke up and finished my dinner+supper at the same time. HARRRRR...... *speechless* I didn't sleep last night. Busy with my things to be done and games. hoohoo!

So after a long days, i go for public aeroblic this morning. =D It's pretty enjoy when hundred of people doing the same action at the same time. even i'm alone :p so kesian!! My morning jog partner balik kampung :( I thinked i've addicted!!! IT's good to be addicted!! HAHAHAHA.. So i will definately go again next week. Anyone wanna join me??? =) yohoo!! Kia Kia!!

Attended the Sony Clearance fair as well. I saw my T77 sold at RM899! Damn am de. That time i bought around RM1.3k. haiz! But mine already half year old, assuming it's depreaciate that fast lol. Bo huat!! XD

Anyway, this is the most recent Chan Sai ME! Superb de bulat :p

I really need to behave myself. To be healthy during this week holiday. If not, i'm moving forward to the hell very soon lo. Probably this is the book i need to start reading it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BLAY shoes <3

Gurney Plaza Blay footwear shoplot lelong lelong!

I'm just finished grabbing, now is your turn! Kekeke. The actual reason of lelong i've no idea, but i heard someone said taukeh lari. I'm not sure, but get something sooo much cheaper!! hehe! Of course not cheap until RM10 or 20 lo. Anyway, its price is quite reasonable when you compared to the original price.

Today is the 2nd day, my responsibility as a young lady is go and shop shop shop of course :p wakakaka! Waste money la of course, for those who love high heels with comfort should not miss this chance :) hehe!

So here's what i get! Happie Happie! HAHA, i feel so glad when i get something i really like on my foot!!! :) so lovin it... The feel of buying high heels is the best after all! Feel of song song song.. wakakak...Song song Bun! siao liao! The most importantly is COMFORT! Worth to buy!!!!

Don't get shock when you step into that shop. It's all mess with shoes. So depends on how will you go look for some nice shoes. HAHA! So horrible! So many lefted one side and you have to look for another... You may negotiate price too just as pasar malam!!!!! Told you, today is the 1st time i'm touching in the dark shop for shoes. HAHA! Lampu rosak but fortunately just a while. Actually i'm looking for a pair of gold heels, but not suit to me. hmm.. Today again prove that i'm a pure lady!!!! kekekeke, so pandai tawar-menawar... some sort like aunty! :P Oh my goodnesssss! I'm going to another era that soon lol

Fav pair - can wear for dinner <3

Monday, April 20, 2009

Penang Hill

0415 Finally i get to ride up to Penang Hill again after years. I thinked the 1st was family vacation bungalow stay don't know kindergarden time or what. HAHA, the only thing i remembered was lots of flies there esp all hide behind the sofas. The bungalow was super big but the furnitures seems to be very horror for me, the feel of lots of other "good friends" staying together with you. MUAHAHA! This is the only 2nd time but without staying :) Soo near to my house, really unbelievable it's just my 2nd time :p

I was very excited for the trip earlier, keep recall myself that i'm going up there soon =D Unfortunately it really dissapointed me after that :( The only David Brown Restaurant in Strawberry Hill was closed for the Penang Hill's anniversary events. Prfffff! Crowded, packed like sardin with lots of tourists... Missed the chance buying delicious chicken pie there too.... What a coincident!! Every plan also can't fullfiled.. kek si kek si! Haiz, anyway fate doesn't allow though....

Next time i will prefer go during weedays!! :) Avoid from crowds.. OR else will think twice before going....

The only things which coudn't resist.. The fresh air with low temperature! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

the way of holding scallop and sushi.. keke

0407 is baby yee's birthday! 3 yeas old Yeahh... We've a delay birthday celebration with her! Brought her buy birthday present..

Didn't see her for months. Fetched her from home. The 1st expression when she looked at me, "sounds familiar who's that?" haha! Sure she knows me laaaaa.. leng jiejie what.. =D she ran over me gave me a hug and then.. use her both fore finger poke my cheek.. hahahaha! She's so cute laaa XD alamak, jiejie become even chubbier? She never did that to me before.. she miss me so muchiee and i'm soo missss herr lerrr

The funniest things was when the time we asked her, "YeeYee, what present you want?"

She innocently replied, "I want pinpase" [her pronunciation] Is it a cartoon character? *scratched*

and we don't understand, she repeated again, again and again until get angry already. We kept on repeated pipase pipase, finally we broke the wall HEY 姐姐们 PINK PRESENT laaaaaaaaa.. haiyooo! wakakakaka... Kids accent :p

Big boss choosing sushi =D

Happy birthday YeeYee!! Muacks.. with her newly bought presents, playdough sets.

I begged she enjoy her birthday a lot!!

There's an event over there on that day. See, the baby dancers! Seems to be so professional! haha! XD

Our precious moment 2 years ago!! *wub baby*

p/s: My dearest MAMA coming back tomorrow!! YeaYea, can't wait!!!!!

Still have lots to blog =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


台上一秒钟,台下十年功。。 哈哈!不好意思!我把这句谚语形容成可爱的虾!HeHeHaHa Prawn! 懒惰人做的事,不要用手,又没有轻而易举的道具叉与汤匙,就只好慢行。爬爬爬。。。。呵呵。。。*好无聊*

Another fun weekend :) yohoo........
Miss mama 11 days to go. Really fast, good for me! =) Yesterday on leave, went visit her again. Same lo, she still tear in the eyes. Influence me too :( This time bring along Portugese tart and Cheese tart. Yummyyyyy! Meet the cute baby boy Jerumn, his mum Jeannie taught him called me God-Aunty :p OMG! I seems to be that old...Another Wednesday! Pasar malam day! Who will on leave just to go pasar malam? ONLY ME LOL..hahaha! Anyway, it's fun to crave for foods.. But effect grow 1 round wider..ish

Proudly present:- SC 2009... Tada!!

Ngong ngong look... kekeke..OMG, why so cute XD

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheng Beng

You are my sunshine sunrise,
You are my sunshine sunrise,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey...

Rarely have chance to get to see sunrise at the right timing and at the right place. What a lucky day? =) Just can't see the yolk.. but it's doesn't matter! Sunrise always a good start for everything. Sunrise! <3

Sunrise at early 6am

It just a glimpse, dissapear that fast. After 2 minutes..

After 5 minutes, it was gone....

Actually after years, i never been thinking of take photos during graves visit. Just hehe... that POH influenced me! I still have some photos taken place inside the temple which was located my beloved youngest aunty and my grandparents too. However, my colleagues said i really dare, "Like that also you dare to take?" So i'm not gonna post them here since they seems to be scary. OH MY! Scared what leh? They are my families what? Somemore just photos only..abothen! Not real in person..

But i also heard someone advice me not to take photos of forefather coz it may show that i didn't respect to them. If really do, then i appologize. Sai lou zai mm sek sai gai, pls forgive me Ah Ma Ah Gong!! I just want to do something to remember...

My grand grandpa's
Co Gong

My grand grandma's
Co Ma

My step grandma's

My beloved grandpa
黄金满 and grandma's


Lots of $$$$$$$$$$ hehe..

See..... LV!!! LV!! So trendy!!

Time flies, still remembered last few years all of us aunties, uncles and cousins are gathered all together here for prayer. But it seems to be lesser, lesser and lesser from years to years. How i wish times turn back.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mali Mali Hoom, MAGIC!

OMG! See the expiry date? XD Meaning i'm allowed to spend my entire RM76.19 for another 4 years! HAHAHA! How come? Wa pun Mm zai....
Actually i reload yesterday and it totally didn't work for me, can't call at all. So i go look for assistant for advice today. hehe! Guess what.. after he adjust, adjust, adjusted already become like this? Oh my goodness! At first, i thought Wah how come become back to the past March, but after see clearly it's in year 2013. It's like magic... mali mali hoom!! HAHA! or is it human error?

HAHA, Don't care la!......... Going on!

Will blog about grave visits tomorrow :) I get to see the beautiful sunrise! So lovely! <3