Tuesday, August 16, 2011



不是不觉得,不是不晓得, 而是完全一丝丝也不像。


对我而言,我是那么的排撤。因为你埋没了我的优点,把我当成他们的同类 :'(


为什么? WHY?
Please don't ever always compare me with them.. I'm not one of them..


Monday, September 27, 2010


The news shocked me! I don't expect this will happen actually, never! I felt very upsad about this. When the time he announced, i'd already went back. The next day, I just knew the news from her :'( I'd lost my mind, totally cannot accept the fact, i just can't believe that it's true. Still haven't got chance really spoke with him in person. Oh gosh, i'm regretted sending the sms to him. How i wish i can recall it. I shouldn't be so emotional but be understanding instead.

BOSS, wish you all the best in your new pathway!! I just want to say Thank You So much for your guidance and even not related of work advice all these while. You never fail to fight and care of us all the time. You're the best boss i'd ever met in my life really. Thank you so much, my idol :D Heee!

I always thought I'm a tuff lady, nothing can beat me anyway. I can stand with it alone all the time, I thought i can settle everything by myself, I thought i don't scared of darkness, I thought I'm that brilliant, I know everything!!! Even not all I know, perhaps at least i know a little. Nope, all wrong. These 3 days really challenged me, just realised that I can't stand all alone by myself :( I'm so scared when i'm all alone in the darkness.

So sad to know the facts. Since when i become that fragile?

Friday, August 6, 2010

First of September

September Eleven is the date of the terrorist attacked tragedy.

But First of September is a brand new day for me =))

Can't wait these days back to me after so many months of waiting.


I regretted the decision i'd made 2 years ago :( Really do! Lead me to physically change a lot, healthiness do affected as well..... Or i should say i'm not regretted but just the period is way too long. I learned a lot throughout this 2 years and 4 months. The most importantly, i'd met the best ever Boss in my life. Okay, he's really do, indeed capable! :D Glad he's still my boss after that... Oh yeah!

It had already past. I hope the coming days will bring me to the brighter doorway.
It's time to make a change! CHANGING!!!!!

YOU CAN DO IT, JUST AIM AND GO FOR IT!!! CTL, i'm coming!! =) Another learning arena...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We had reach a conclusion and made a promise with each other just now.

I'm not sure whether i'd made the right decision. Am wondering should I happy or sad about the so called good news he brought to me. I thought i should be sad? But the moments he told me, frankly I smile :)

Will the moment i sing to him "No Promises" comes? I'm not even Shayne Ward XD I guess he will chop my head into pieces then. Hahahahahaha! I'd tried my best keep trying, trying, trying... If no feedback, I thinked i'm really need to accept the fact.

Let's the timing decide where shall i pursue to? Let it be......God, please don't fool on me. Shed me some light please?

I feel myself like had no value added recently. I shall start doing something to myself the soonest i can. Let's back to study then!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

0711 Happy Birthday Sista :)

After years been not doing it, woohoo, i'm back! I'M BACK IN ACTION!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


There's a chance of going overseas came across...

Should i just go and have a try? :'(
Should i just say, "never try never knows?"
Too much of thinking, too much of brainstorming...
I just not dare to take 1 step further.....

I'd thinked for 2 days.
After all those incidents happened.....
Actually i've thinking of if year 2012 really NOT the end the world only i will leave here..... But now why that fast?
If 2012 really happened, I will feel very guilty coz i didn't even appreaciate the 2 years time left to stay together with them....

I just ask her opinion about it just now, she said,"Go try! Earn more.. I didn't block you gals from doing anything you want to do."

I know actually her heart was so upset, her tone of voice suddenly change..
Or i just thinked too much, she just awake from sleep thats why she sounds so...
Anyway, i just wish somebody please support me. Doesn't she already support me? What I want now :'(

I really don't know where to stay....

Sometimes i just too considerate about him. He just recover from illness and he has to accept that one by one giving him the real surprise........ Should i choose A or B.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog.. Blog... Blog..

Now, keep blogging keep blogging is my routine job. Sorry but not blog here, is my food blog =) Actually i do thought of launch it on 25 June but it's taken so long to reach 25th (my fate number). So i'd finally launch it last 2 week which is 06.06.2010. Not bad, it can say in cantonese, Look Look, Take a look!! Hahahaha! I assume it's creative enough... hehe! Would appreaciate if you can drop me comment as i need to improve all the time. I really don't know what's the purpose of creating all this. However, i do feel the accomplishment which is feel so GREAT on myself of the effort and time i'd spend on it!!! Sacrify my sleeping time after work to post an entry daily at least. I don't whether it worth for me or not, but I just know I WANT TO DO IT!!! I have a lots of say........ I admit that i didn't that expert describing on food but i will give my best and keep improving :)

Just realise that my link on the top right hand corner is not directly link to my food blog but photobucket :( So here you go, it's amended, functioning well now. You may click on it now... OR here as below.

It's Delicious - The Best Cuisine in Town

Wish you guys can support me and drop me some comments which field need to improve on.
Thank you for your support!