Monday, September 27, 2010


The news shocked me! I don't expect this will happen actually, never! I felt very upsad about this. When the time he announced, i'd already went back. The next day, I just knew the news from her :'( I'd lost my mind, totally cannot accept the fact, i just can't believe that it's true. Still haven't got chance really spoke with him in person. Oh gosh, i'm regretted sending the sms to him. How i wish i can recall it. I shouldn't be so emotional but be understanding instead.

BOSS, wish you all the best in your new pathway!! I just want to say Thank You So much for your guidance and even not related of work advice all these while. You never fail to fight and care of us all the time. You're the best boss i'd ever met in my life really. Thank you so much, my idol :D Heee!

I always thought I'm a tuff lady, nothing can beat me anyway. I can stand with it alone all the time, I thought i can settle everything by myself, I thought i don't scared of darkness, I thought I'm that brilliant, I know everything!!! Even not all I know, perhaps at least i know a little. Nope, all wrong. These 3 days really challenged me, just realised that I can't stand all alone by myself :( I'm so scared when i'm all alone in the darkness.

So sad to know the facts. Since when i become that fragile?


succram said...

there always a light shine on you.
don't be scare, cheers! =)

Anonymous said...