Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bon Voyage Dajiejie

Dajiejie & MuiMui

Spending the whole morning doing this DIY card after work XD finally manage to finish up and pass to her just now! Glad she like it so much! :) I just manage to write a few sentences, totally not my grandma story style. Don't know why. Kinda sleepy now -_-lll but it's time to go for work. lalalalalala, guess i will keep fishing like hell later :p

I'm gonna miss her so much!!! My jogging+aerobic partner!! :( huhuhuhu...

p/s: For me, DIY is a way to appreaciate somebody. I'm just lovin to do so! Ain't it's lovely? :)


We went to Edelweiss for tea last weekend. Even i born in pearl island, seriously i'm not even went there once. It's beautifully restored 150 years old shophouse of historical enclave. Such a wonderful place to relax. Drink a cup tea, enjoy with its delicious brownies with vanila. The chocolate which melting in your mouth *slurrppp* The best brownies i've ate so far.

I found this special jamban! Wakaka OMG someone in the toilet!!

*Zooming in*

PG - Where to Go this Weekend July V

*click to enlarge* Supposingly have to design into a very formal manner. Yea this is absolutely right! But Isn't it too formal? Wondering is it ok if i change to a lil informal for the next??????? hehe! see how dare am i 1st...

Tour guide :p recommendation places as above for this weekend. Looks like Rapid Fiesta is the most attractive event to go. Anyway, it Depends.. hehe!

Stay tune every week WTGTW
^_^ wakaka, my blog become apart of tourism :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HaaGen Dazs ^_^

This was just a dessert before dinner :) Oops nop! Just the dessert ice cream ok, not baby. HAHA! Yea before dinner coz someone was always late :p nananana! *typo in picture again XD*

Went for the favorite oyster meesua with pp and nobita's family after that! *Slurrrppp* No picture... You know, we eat until even mum also can't recognise. wakakakakka XD as usual :p Supposely attended Nobita's convo in the morning, who knows that little baby came over, so all of us have stay with her at home =) what a queen! Yea she is... Nobody will heavy hearted to leave her behind.





Friday, July 24, 2009

Papa, Happy Birthday!!

Today is lunar 3rd June!! Yeah lunar!! Papa's tradition celebrating lunar birthday. A horoscope of Cancer :) A good man which care all about family. "I'm lovin it!!!"

PyPy!!!! Happy Birthday!!! *love*

I always told my friends he's my greatest papa ever, you will never ever get a daddy like him in your life.. They always asking me why? I don't have a good answer for them either. Handsome? No wo :p Lawyer, professional excecutive?? Nop.. Rich? Nop... NO NO NO everything NO as you will never know how GREAT is him in my heart! <3 He cares me a lotttt lottttt!! Which i'm so angry of myself at times. He's the greatest man i ever had!! I want a husband like him can?? =D Looks like this kind of man already endangered in this world!

While mum was not around, everyday he wake himself up go market to buy dishes then cook for me :'( So touched u see. Even when the time i cook for him, he complaining "Your mum's was much better than yours even mine." :p lol Yea, i agreed ah! I don't really know what can i do for him in return seriously? I always thought that buying him breakfast and teatime is the good way in return? Spending my weekend accompany him.. :D what else la? I really don't know what else can do?

He's getting older... Looks soooo much older lately... ngam ngam cham cham even more often.. How to make someone getting younger?? Must be always stay at home isn't it?

Last few weeks he really sick, stubborn until refuse to see doctor. Everytime he act himself like doctor go buy medicine for himself one ma.. This time no medicine can cure him. Mana tahu so coincidently after few days i have the sympton as him. So end up i went to see doctor and get medicine for him. U see la that funny! Wakaka.. After came home, i asked him which part of stomach he pain? I was like immitates what doctor checked on me :p Luckily same part.. so he can eat my medicine.. kekekeke *pengsan*

Early in the morning of birthday, the MUST MeeSua Soup [longevity] from mama..

and my Angpao for my dearest =D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PG - Where to Go this Weekend July VI

*click to enlarge*
For Penangite only, this is where you can go :)

The Film festival was organised and cast by baby's daddy. So must support a bit!!!! Go Go Go...... I helped him to broadcast looo :) Free admission with ticket. You may call Jayden 0126330427 to get free tickets. The next station will be Selangor.

Other than this, St Anne’s Church is quite merry this week =D You may consider to do a visit... kekeke.. Sounds like tour guide hor ME? Heee...It has been transformed into a magical land of lights since last week. Devotees from all over the country and overseas will take part in this annual St Anne’s Feast and candlelight procession. There's a candlelight procession at the church ground on this Saturday night.

Finally hey i realise something funny happenned to my chubby fingers. HAHA! Will blog about it when i've in the mood :) Weeee!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

H.e.a.l.t.h.y weekend

Oh ya! I went to join that so called "lion, boss and maids" 's gang of people for badminton this early morning :p Sweat fun, laugh fun, perli fun fun fun. :) Overall was fun!! XD Fortunately i manage to make it this time, if not i'm gonna miss all the fun. hoohoo, thanks to my living room sofa and the lighting which wake me up sharp at 8am! :p I reached home about 5.45am, scared again like last week i slept like a pig and ppk people. To avoid all the Zzzzz pig condition, i do "teng jeong" [cantonese-living room prezz] last night. OH YEA, this way really work it out!!!!!!!! My badminton skill impoved looooooo =D Weeee! I'm going every week from now. Anyway, I wish this spirit will stay long....

Sat morning - badminton
Sun morning - aerobic + jogging

What else next? XD

Guess 1 week do 2 times of sports enough liao gua? HeHe... Do join me if you're free alright? :p can recommend some "wink frens" for you too.... wakakaka... if you wish to... LOL

MY DIY design for SC distribution mail of Where to go this weekend.

Click to enlarge. Really lots of places you can go in Penang during this and next week.

*No Bon Odori photos to share coz i brought my camera but without battery* :p kekeke [whispering: this fellow really lomo] HAHA! one sentence, sweat like hell and jam like hell.

p/s: yesterday that anti-flu vaccination damn pain la... who told me not pain at all? :p Even now when someone knock me, still feel pain..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Music <3

HAHA! This is cutie baby Yee with my keyboard. Ain't she soooo cute? XD I miss her very muchie...

The level 1 lesson was just simply all around kids song :p which is really entertainning esp that "baby". I played and she sing along with me *sweet* Going to Level 2 for the next lesson. After 1 month, isn't that fast??? Yohoo!!!! I'm glad that finally i can play some nice song then.... Looking forward to learn "heal the world" which is still very far from me...

I just can't wait!!! Everything wanna to be fast fast fast, learned fast, catch up fast, played fast!! HAHAHAHAHAHA, it's like chasing after the time. So besides attending classes @ Yamaha, i self learning through youtube pro musician's clips :) Mana tahu when i asked my teacher MEL concern about that, kena scolded pula :p It's like the wrong way of learning, that was for piano rather than mine keyboard. lol, i just wanna be learned fast ma, thinked it's too slow for me thats why... HeHe, i better guai guai listened to him step by step then.. If not, later my fingers was like crossing here and there, tie the wrong knot XD

D :) Happy Birthday

*Brand new header - I wanna put in "heal the world" musicnotes in the header but unfortunately coudn't fit in.. Iuuu, Iuuu! I wanna learn to play this song, but Melvin said i was too new to learn this. I like this song so much and it's so memorable to me. This is the 1st MJ's song which approached me when i was in Std 4. He taught us in english class. Last time Tv2 used to play this MV around 12am before headline news reporting. It's the longest MV i ever watched. Yorr, I miss MJ!!!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back to the topic

Wah, just realised already past 2 weeks. Guess no one else late than me to wish him a very happy birthday!! XD Anyway, late better than never right?

Danell, Happy Belated Birthday!
迟来的部落祝福,生日快乐!祝你的美梦成真;*不懂发生了什么瓶颈事故再度延迟* 祝你尽快的圆梦到台湾去发展。开开心心,无忧无虑的渡过每一天。人情世故,毕竟有低潮时分,往最好的方面去想吧,你的哲学嘛对吧?呵呵,还有好多要跟你学习呢?*不可以悲观对吧?* 还记得你的2005年MI后座右铭-平常心,心常平?哈哈,我看你都忘了咯。未来的那片天空还是很光明的。瞻望着未来的一片天。加油哦“大哥”!:) 一笑而过。。。

soo chubby, wanna cubit!!:p The wub wub...

The Gorgeous...

The idolism and the prettiest...

The Cheeky shot...

The <3 <3

The All time Creative Table... XD

Changed from Cina last anniversary to Kiddy F1..*Vrooommm Vrooomm* DRINKKKKK.... ORANGEEEEEEEE!!! Want more creative one, see ya next gathering :) HAHA!

I lub each and everyone of you! See you soon!!! XD

Sunday, July 12, 2009

KL Trip in June

I don't know what to say :) Went KL twice in May, Went again in July 3 times, but i never blog about that. "someone" was complaining XD Coz i don't have much pictures but i've just focus on the D.E.L.I.C.O.U.S FOODS. omg, you know i love foods a lot! Went to taste lots of foods the worst was "Matt Tou Po".

Its foods are so matched with its restaurant name. Simply "DELICIOUS" *slurppppp*

Matt Tou Lou @ Wai Sek Gai :D I love its Kiwi's!!!

Yummy Cheesy crab and Yolk Crab!!! :D My mum love this a lot, come KL twice and eat twice. Somemore wanna eat 2 days continuosly but we manage to control her. HAHA!!! I'm not crab big fans but this cheese crab really linkin Good!

Bel Pasto Italian Restaurant

NOT BAD! Its creamy mushroom soup is the greatest!!

I've thinked of creating a food blog :) Hopefully kick start when the time i started to be FREE! HAAA!

You know how rare dad willing to leave his "loving" house and follow us to KL? Yea he soooo wanted to go Genting actually. I was keep mentioned about how great and how near is Genting from sis's place :p None of us wanted to go actually. Let see Oh collaborate Father's Day woo, then ok lo Let's go Genting. I always think of the journey go and back was the suckestttt in life coz always headache in bus. Nevertheless not at this time, I'm soooo enjoy and relaxing along the journey :) Glad sis drove her car up the hill, fuiyohh!! I want to go genting again!!!! but but.... by car :P hehe! *no picture*

In Month of June, 2 times fully concentrate with family and finally the third come alone. So managed to hang out with friends in KL =D I'm sooo glad to meet all of you! So miss those moments and i'm so heavy hearted to left those precious moments. Huhuhu, cried like mad when the journey back to Penang. HAHA! So emo!! :p So baby!! But still haven't manage to find a chance to go visit my sifu's restaurant @ Seremban. So bad! Hopefully there's one in the future.

Don't know i've went Murni SS2 for how many times. I just love its food! *whispering i know its making process is sometimes disgusting* HAHA! So what? I like its atmosphere of more interaction and sharing foods :p Another the greatest was managed to go and see where's sakai worked at this moment. HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL...Told you i break my record. I never talk that "lot" to sakai in my life. Must be long time no see LOL... HAA!

Dropping by to Serene's Music too.. See Serene's YuXie awards. HooHoo! This visit was really widen my sight view. Recording studio was fabulous!! I'm so wanted to stand there and sing :) I feel so sleepy when lying on its sofa. The feel of IM HOME!!! Never thinking of will have such a comfort home furnishing music center before. It's a great place to learn music!

*to be continue* Dan's birthday Bash....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Disaster Again

LOL.. My house flood AGAIN 2 days ago. Who don't sad about it? Same timing like last time i was working and i've forgotten to bring out my phone this time. Dad calling me like hell [phone kept ringing on my bed] but cant reached me. Same situation when i was home :( But it's better than last time, at least didn't feel that worse like after tsunami this time :) Spending the whole midnight and morning to do clean up. The only thing all wet was my wireless router i thought. So i didn't get to online for 2 days :p Fortunately god bless me, it's working after expose to the sun 2 days continuosly =D HAHA! like that also can work!! Houyeh!!! How about Dan's posters?? HAHAHA! I don't have any at this time so no need to sad about it.. Hehe! HooHoo!

Another, i've finally get back my "little white" today after 3 days of repair in workshop. He looks much more handsome than before. You're sooo white as ever :p HAHAHAHA! U evil, please don't knock my baby again, or else i will kill you like chopping pork!!

I've lots to blog for the past 2 months ago events. I'll promise try to blog all during this weekends :) So C Ya!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travel Travel Travel =D


*MATTA FAIR* It was last weekend but i didn't went. She brought me lots of brochures for reference. So tempting!!

Everytime timing was not right. HUHU, they will go TAIPEI end Of Sept without me. TOO BAD! I'm on mandate starting end of Sept but they've decided to go 2 days before my mandate. *Arrggghhhhhhh* Kek Si Kek Si :p I wanna go meet my Citi's colleagues Thomas and Ann :) Hoohhoo, u know that's different kind of feel when you speak on phone and meet in person. 汤姆斯杯,刘小黑!!!HAHA! Hopefully i can really make it next year *namo namo*

U know i wanna go lots of places *greedy* =) Another destination, the shopping heaven - BANGKOK!!!!!!

PULAU REDANG!! LOL I've mention it for yearsssssss... but you know i never went before even i'm such an age already :p Goshhhhh, i really have to appreaciate those times to go as many places as i can!!

JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN!!!!!! *I'm not think of this at all before yesterday* Family trip!!!! Hope can grab mum and dad go along too!! So have to really save from now!! Cherry Blossom Season May-July *that's lovely* But I was suggested Let's go in Nov next year!! :p My birthday ma! HeHe! Ok let's namo namo hopefully can go at least 2 foreign country by next year..

H1N1 virus spreading tremendously now. Huhu :'( Sien lo everytime plan plan plan then end up nothing. Nobody dare to go Bangkok with me during my mandates. Even hatyai LOL. I'm gonna be really bored during my mandates i guess :p and My passport going to be "blank" for 2009. HOPEFULLY NOT LA I HOPE. HAHAHA! At least chop something better than nothing ma right? ^_^ kekeke


Sunday, July 5, 2009



好像好久好久好久没有写部落了,好像都没什么冲动提起笔来。Oops! 应该是打键盘吧?哈!还有是用华语哦。看着最近的自己好寂寞,好情绪化。姐在载我去巴士站的当儿,我是在车哭着的;独自坐旅行巴士回来的当儿,我是哭着入睡的。哈哈!:p 感觉好像被逼赶出家门似的。我在跟他们一起的时候好舒服, 感觉就像我的第二个家。我好想念待在我身旁的每一个你,感恩。突然间,我觉得一个人坐巴士超可怜,超寂寞的,有个同伴该有多好啊!别跟我说找个男友那就完全解决啦?他说我的人好像很难捉摸,都不知道在某个时候在想什么的。是哦?不懂耶。。我懂毕竟找个伴是需要的,可是我还蛮享受我现在的单身生活,蛮自在的。我喜欢!:)总觉得谈恋爱好像找东西来烦的:p况且我时间已经满满的,超不够了,呵呵!看样子如果妈知道一定拿我来开导一番。是啊!虽然还是蛮担心的,谁在这年龄不担心啊?讷讷讷。。。。。。就让姐先嘛!那一句,“我很享受现在的单身生活,顺其自然,就让天时地利人和决定,好吗?”吼,现在才知道原来这都不是个答案,烂答案。那不就是要他等我到什么时候啊? 好残忍啊!只怪我不懂得怎么表达。。虽然他没有什么才华,虽然他一点都不帅(哈!),可是他是个很好的人,我不想伤害他。感觉?时有时没。。我不懂啦!不敢想。。。我还是很忙。。没时间,我没时间!吼!