Sunday, February 28, 2010

A funny incident with Sii Sii Snake

:D Oh ya this happened last few days at my house.

Really tired of working up until very late these days. I guess i'm not sleeping every night but like become unconcious. Alarm clock coudn't wake me up, fan closed coudn't wake me up, I guess FIRE FIRE also coudn't wake me up now! :P Sleep until no year no month.... HAHA!

Waked myself up after 2 hours of slept for periodontic in clinic. Having a tuff and painful time from doctor again. LaLaLa! 爱美不要命? HAHAAHAHA!:D LOL.... This is for cleanliness and health too right isn't it? Going back doing SC things for hours..... then went for a nap again!

Dad shouted very loudly, ping ping pang pang, "Leng, wake up wake up got snake!!!!" I jumped up from bed and ran to see where's that "cute" snake? :P Dad pointed to the hole nearby ceiling, "Tuuuuu There!!!" I just saw its brown colour head! Went to kitchen saw its tails... I guess it got 1meter long! Dad said wanna go and use hammer chop its head down. Yerrr so cruel! Don't know which kind of snake is it...If its action is faster than the hammer HOW?

So i try to call fire engage for rescue. Wanna called 994 directly but get colded :P "Haiyo, 1M snake u wanna call 994 so big deal ah?" Later i go google and look for the nearest branch fire engage. Surprise!!!!! Google don't have it, just have another branch contact. So i just called the other branch and get the contact. Tada!!!!! FIRE ENGAGE PHONE ENGAGED!!! Imagined if it's not a 1meter snake but a Cobra you say what will happen? Later finally it get through...

Fireman: Hello, Selamat Petang! (with a low tone)
Me : Selamat Petang Encik! Rumah i sekarang ni ada ular! Tapi ia agak-agak satu meter saja. bolehkah i report?
Fireman: YAAA Boleh!
Me: Encik hantar dua atau tiga orang mai tengok cukup. Ia sangat kecik saja!
Fireman: YA OK!

After noted down my address, i hang up. While waiting, waiting and waiting... Neighbours came and helped up hope to kill the snake before the fire engage reached. I don't know what's the purpose of? They said this tiny things no need to report fire engage la, later they charged at least RM50 for the cathing process. Hmmmmm, All this while, I thought that it's under government and free services to the residents. I've never heard before BOMBA charged a single cents of provide services? In the end, the snake was escaping to the rooftop d..

After 10 minutes, fire engaged reached. That's the climax!

Can hear the fire engine siren few meters away. OMG!! It's towards our house. Sweat!! Lots of neighbours at my area walked over to check it out what had happened? -_-

This is the type of fire engine reached our house :P Extinguish the fire?? Where's on fire?

I thought they will just come in a van instead. Listen guys, "Fireman drove a fully equipped fire engine to catch a 1 meter long snake!!" Does this sounds over?

MUAHAAHAHAHHAHA! I coudn't stop laughing when i refreshed of this really.. It's so ridiculous lah!!!!!!

You know what dad doing? After that, he have to tell the story to all the neighbours surrounded, "Haiyoooo, my daughter lah! Just a small snake she called bomba!!" :P :P :P Alamak, kan saya dah tanya pakcik tu, pakcik tu kata saya boleh report mahupun ia ialah 1meter ular saja. Eh leh! Kalau ular tu anak cobra macam mana leh? Kan saya betul? Bijak lagi neh? Kan? Kan? Kan? HAHAHAHA~

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Accident

1 day before CNY, Should I be pleased that i'm still alive? THANKS GOD I'm safe!

It was a real nightmare! I still remembered when the time it bang and i was all alone at around 5am!!! :'( Still in the dark. I was driving home along the one way straight road and suddenly a Kelisa came fast from a junction and hit my little white. I do an immergency break but it's too late. My car was lost control after front rim tyre and driver seat being hit.

I should not walked out from my car immediately isn't it at that time? But i did! However the opposition still in car for a few seconds. I don't know what they do in car, guess what? Might be wearing their clothes I guess? WTH PEOPLE! Want to do anything fun please do it at home! Finally, a half naked guy driver with a lady came out from their vehicle. Both of them looked tired and really steam with slamp clothing, I guess he was drunk or taking any pils. He keep murmured, "I can't see who's the person who knock my car? Who? Who?" HELLO, my car just in front of him!! I start yelling "I'm the car owner lah!!! PLS say clearly You knock my car or i knock yours?" He started to keep quiet and that lady spoken in Mandarin slang China! She keep asking around who is reporter and she lost her iphone at the scene. I felt so pressure of the surrounding whereby those agents keep making noise recommending me let them do my car insurance claim service. Fortunately there are two husband and wife who owned a bar at that area came over the scene immediately and help to calm me down too.

Seriously I was so scared of being alone and don't know what to do! Want to call family but scared they're still sleeping :( Started to call my closest Seng Kau Fu Zai but coudn't get him. As u know, i really wish the one who closest with me to be with me at that time rather than unfamiliar person mah. Huhuhu, keep calling, pass here and there. Finally they met me at police station. THANKS A LOT to all who being a good accompanion of mine during my tuff time :( Especially Jack, thank you very much!! I was kind of worried don't know they will go report or not as the car belongs to rental accompany. Pray for it they will!! If not, my car's NDC will become zero and i have to claim my own insurance d.

My left neck and shoulder even more pain now compared to early morning. Hopefully will become better after taking the medicines given by Doctor. NO SWOLLEN PLS!! *Namo Amitabha* I still want to sui sui during CNY!!!! :( Huhuhu so bad! Saw my little white being move by the track, he need to admit to hospital for about 3 weeks time. I feel like I was like temporary lost some memory, Do I? My brain was like confuse and mix up with everything, is it sequela?

I feel I was like temporary lost some memory, Do I?Huhuhuhu tell me why ME? Why just 1 day before CNY? You know i like CNY a lot!! Can't believe that i can solve all these without crying. Steadynya! Once i stepped into the footstep of my house, i really can't control my tears anymore.

PA, MA, I'M FINALLY HOME!!!!!!! :'(

P/s: Year of Cow shiuuuuu shiuuu quick quick go!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make Up Workshop

Attending for fun.. Hoping to learn something :D But then end up eat more than learn. Might be not enough of sleep too... HAHAHAHAHA! Its soya cooked curry chicken instead of using santan bestnya! :P

Teoh Khar Chin's punya product! Putihnya! :P
文丑丑!Lighting problem..

The closer look =)