Monday, September 28, 2009

Langkawi 0919-0920

This holiday is superb RELAXING! Still have one more week.... I'm gonna enjoy it the fullnesss! Awww, my healthy lifestyle gonna end very soon. cHiuuuuu! :( So bad! Just as what Mon told me, truth laaaaa! I've think of dont want get back to work d! Can i just tender my letter instead? Booooooooooooooooo! :p HAHA!
This trip is not as easy as i thought! Lots of circumstances happened before and on the day itself..

@ Black Sand Beach

Anyway, i'm very enjoy the trip as a whole... Langkawi really breathtaking! I love this place! Definately will go again...But next time will make sure gang of friends going, more fun! As we can shout from the room to another joint room.. haha! Sure fun!

Our FootPrints :) Suppose to have Four but ZZ miss her ferry due to the delay of stupid bus! She joint us the day after that...

Treetops resort? Step out from our resort is BEACH <3
Yea i like its concept!


Wake up earlier to see whether the miracles happened? SUNRISE? Lol :p it's true just can see sunset over there!

=) Sunset

Wondering.. Why everytime the places i stay just can see sunset but not sunrise? When can i see sunrise? :D I wishh..... very soon....

Ride cable car all the way to the hill, climb the steps to reach the breathtaking place :)

Went to wildpark too. Having fun taking pic with parrots. Fear at first, but after use to it, i'm addicted, non-stop taking pictures.. hehe! Miss taking pictures with them, wish to meet them again very soon! :p

See Yunn like penjaga burung beside me? :p kekeke

On the way to PG.. FREEZY Ferry..

Bought a lot of chocolates! :) I thinked got 3KG very heavy. HAHA! Supu stock! Ferorror rocher is the cheapest! Andes, DAIM, Toblerone, Hershey, snickers, liquor dark chocolates and etc. However, 95% percents of them not belongs to me. Bought for friends. kekeke I know i love chocolates a lot! I know that once i bought it, i will lost control. Chocolates or ice ream always a medicine for me when i'm unhappy or stress! HAAA! Called me kiddy? lol.. Anyway, i still have a few chocolates in fridge. Thinked they will gone into my stomach very soon! :p

Friday, September 25, 2009

MJ's Medley - Must Watch!

This amazed me!!!! Kurt Hugo Schneider's version!! Don't know how he did that, simply amazing!!!! Cute too XD How can he transit into "lots" of himself..


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YoYo, i'm currently enjoying my 2 weeks holiday! Superb Relaxing! :) Yayayaya relaxing my mindset too...Hopefully it works! Aggressively improve my keyboard skills too.. Currently trying to sing and play at the same time. Really not as easy as i thought loo :) MUSIC IS EVERYTHING!!!!

p/s: PG Where to go this weekend REST for 2 weeks ;)

I've broke my records, watched 4 movie in a roll within a month. WOW, i never ever did that before seriously. Last time i'm not even watch A movie in a year but now... really miracle! :p I thinked i've addicted now... LOL... maybe the factor of mixing with those movie addictor!!!


This was scary!! I didn't watch even ONCE the previous episode final destination :P Don't believe me? HAHAHAHAHAA! Yea, I'm kinda outdated and totally not into movie one... lol.. HAAAA! I would say this was we spending money to torture ourself.. wakakaka.. I don't know when's the time we were deciding which movie to go ahead.. No others so we just simply pick one :p since "final destination" sounds so f.a.m.o.u.s. End up after just a dead case happened, we were like "Harrrrrr... Can we leave now??? It's soooo scary!!??" Thinked of don't want waste our $$ so we continued to watch. WE are the noisiest in cinema, so called SAMPAT :p Keep shouting "Ahh Ahh"! I turned back to my back seat, why they looked so steady! :p I thought that was superb scary laaa....


This is GREAT! Asian production! Although its tech effect not as great as Armageddon, but overall was satisfied. The beginning was more to Comedy and the ending was very touched; Interesting from the beginning until the end. I begged everyone in cinema cried.. We cried until silihualaaaa! Remember bring tissue if you watched this! =)


This considered just OK lo if compared to other previous singapore production. AS usual their dialogues very clasical one..I still remembered one of them in hokkien, "ho beng you, chiu kan chiu, pangsai bo she chiu!" :p 好朋友,手牽手,大便沒洗手。

This weekend going to watch the "MEATBALL" 3D movie.. how's it alike?? kekeke, imagine all meatball fall from the sky and you just need to open your mouth and eat them...wakakakakka, thinked too much! I like meatball :p

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lots of Worries

I've did a severe mistake on Monday. AGAIN! It's repeated after i did the same mistake 1 year ago. It's impacted a lot a lot!! I feel so down and frustrated..I felt sooo angry of myself, why am i always making the mistakes even the minor one... :'( I've tried to calm myself down with soft music but coudn't help at all, my mind keep refreshed what i've actually did. I thought i will be alright after a good sleep but i don't.

Tuesday: another working day, i'm fear to back to the office. I've thinked of taking MC to escape from facing the facts. But I don't, i went. I checked email immediately whether it has been solved. He showed me how management and client fed up about the matter, showed me how severe and impactness is it. Yea, I know that's about my carelessness! I really know it, i'm regretted!! This case really demotivated me.. I read the same email repeated again and again, i felt so sorry and hate about myself. My tears started to drop. I hate myself being so fragile, easily become cry baby. Am i really suit to this field? I told myself," Let's forget the past!!! Don't give up! Be careful and don't repeat it ever again, not to dissappoint those who trusted me all this while!" I'm so pleased that Boss was still trying to cheer me up in the meeting. "I'm happy that you admit your mistake and did apologize about it. Don't let this mistake demotivated you! Please be careful next time." His thoughts makes me feel a lil relieve. I'm happy to have an understanding boss.

Wednesday: i've been approached to him again. He reminded me again my mistake!!!! :'( How difficult am i tried adjusting my feeling 2 nights and I feel better now. It's solved. However, he non-stop refreshed me about my mistakes. I'm really pressured.... "Why should you keep repeating again, again and again. I tried very hard to forget it, can you don't talk it anymore?" But he said, "Everyone of you has different point of view. Some will appreaciate whereby they wanted to know the back-scene for those email which not looping anyone of you but some of you are not. So I choose to reveal to you" SORRY i really don't think so. I thinked it's over, I know what am i suppose to do next, it's just give me too much pressure and makes me uncomfortable about it.

I don't wish any cynical view from anyone out there! I'm gonna proved that i really can take this pressure. I thought i really can make it!! As at today, I just realised i gave too much of pressure to myself, frighten myself in different situation. Truth, i did it all correctly but don't know how's my guts feeling tell me some might be wrong :'( I checked again, again and again and finally realise i just frighten myself.

I thinked i might need a psychologist for counseling now!!!! Easily getting nervous and always guessing. I might getting crazy soon. Am i diagnosed with depression now???????? :( PLEASE HELP!!!!!

My 2 weeks holiday is starting very soon. I hope i can utilise this time, recovering from "illness" very soon and everything back to normal.

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me support during my down time :)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


88水災大馬幫震災大合唱 - 好好聽的旋律加上很有意思的歌詞,好動聽的的一首曲子。


去年的夏天不寂寞 你的欢笑陪著我 - 光良
乘著风听你 编织著梦 - 张栋梁
徜徉在一片丰收 - 易桀齐
当雨不再浪漫害羞 当风不再轻轻送 - 张智成
蓝蓝的天又 深锁眉头 - 方炯宾
你害怕 你惶恐 不知所措 - 张栋梁
朋友别再哭了 就算世界变化再多 - 光良
还有我 在身后 奋不顾身的挽救 - 林宇中
朋友你还有我 在为你默默的加油 - 龚柯允
抓著我 的双手 如果你还在颤抖 - 林健辉
天会蓝 雨会停 我陪你走 - 张栋梁
当雨不再浪漫害羞 当风不再轻轻送 - 光良
蓝蓝的天又 深锁眉头 - 张栋梁
你害怕 你惶恐 不知所措 - 张智成
朋友别再哭了 就算世界变化再多 - 方炯宾
还有我 在身后 奋不顾身的挽救 - 林健辉
朋友你还有我 在为你默默的加油 - 易桀齐
抓著我 的双手 如果你还在颤抖 - 林宇中
天会蓝 雨会停 我陪你走 -龚柯允+方炯宾
彩虹躲在山的那头 光线就在云的背后 - 张栋梁
我在雨中 陪你守候 - 林宇中
包扎了今天的伤痛 擦乾眼泪勇敢振作 - 光良
明年夏天 有你有我 - 合唱
朋友别再哭了 就算世界变化再多 - 光良
还有我 在身后 奋不顾身的挽救 - 合唱
朋友你还有我 在为你默默的加油- 合唱
抓著我 的双手 如果你还在颤抖 - 合唱
天会蓝 雨会停 我陪你走 - 合唱
天会蓝 雨会停 我陪你走 - 光良


這班小伙兒瘋得夠厲害,Lion男扮女音,而我女扮男音;把言承旭的一手華語歌唱成巫,英,廣東唱腔,也夠厲害了吧?笑爆肚皮了,哈哈哈!又唱K又一大班同事去看電影G。I。JOE 寫意得很,而且這部電影看得我好坤。内容還蠻精彩的啦,呵呵,可是我卻看得好像累好累似的,屁股又坐得好拴,不知怎的。萬萬沒有預想到臺灣那裏這麽嚴重,更何況奇怪臺灣同事也沒提起?後來也沒什麽看報紙聼新聞的,只是從朋友得悉原來這次的颱風這麽的嚴重。*我的消息還知道得蠻遲的儸*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Watches <3

OMG! I just realised i really that "ONG" Citi, wear red bring in lots of business. I never realised that until he told me, "Hey why you wear red blouse continuous this few days?" I just realised I wore red blouse, red sandal and red spec since monday until now. OMG!! Really chehhh laaa..... and suddenly volume boom boom until unexpectedly high. I will break the curse today, wear all black :p Hopefully low volume. If still high, then i can keep my mouth shut, not bcz of i wear red problem :) HAHA! lol, am i think too much?


See all this new watches? :) I'm Lovin It!! Awwww.. Guess i can't control until next year d :p

Last 2 days went to see watches, so tempting now :p Hopefully he discount more for me la.. As an excuse, for my early birthday present for myself? Rewarding myself for working so hard all this while and sacrified for my dark circle and eye bags? Lol..hahaha! Can't control my desire, requested the salesman allow me to take photos and go back and think... lalalalalala

I guess i will choose either this or that :) YEAH! Like its size and design... size almost similar to my current one...It's time to UPGRADE my watch d!! XD

Left: Too small on me! Can't even see the time *exaggerated* :p
Right: I like this! But it's too big on me...kekeke, it's One and half times of my wrist :p


PG - Where To Go This Weekend Sept II

*click to enlarge

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adios Gary aka Ah Chang

As usual, we went to have koay teow teng after jog. Suprisely, I met him again after 6 years :'( HE looks older physically since the last met. lol, I should called him as elderly instead. It's quite a sad thing to meet him again. That scene again refreshed in my mind. I'm quite blur of some of the scene d, it's good to forget about it. But for sure, i still remembered what had happened and how's the way they treat us of...Want me to call "her" as jiji! Sorry la, i will call her as idiot if forced to show my courtesy to her! The 1st reaction was, wahhh ai meh? Then i smiled and greeted him, "Hi Ah Hock kor kor!" He replied,"Ohhhh you're Ah Leng hiooo?" Looked into his reaction, He was kinda shock and look uncomfortable of existence of me. I feel the same too, somemore sharing the same table, what would you say? *SWT* He asked me about sis, i've been replying him just one sentence. Wondering why he never asked of mum and dad? Luckily he came alone, if that "idiot" come along, i really don't know what to do? Then i wave goodbye to him before i leave. I told mum and dad about this. Dad was saying, " Why u still greet that person? Should leave him far away ignoring him instead." I don't really know, just normal reaction i greet to somebody i know when we met. That's it!

I thought i just said," I've been learning how to forgive a person. Don't care what she did to me. I just be myself and do what i suppose to do." You know, forgiving really a great gift to yourself...But i just can't make it to her, I don't think i will and it's forever.


The way he be our tour captain... Everyday when it's time to go home, he will shouted,"My teammates, let's go home!" The last time with my DIY flag written "GARYSON5"

You know how important is him as a joker among Garyson5. His thought is always very creative, his replied email always the funniest make us laughed non-stop.

The only GARYSON5 formed by Seng, MonMon, KoongKoong, Leng & finally our captain Baby Chang! :p Oh trees!

How's the name "GARYSON5" comes from? When the time "RIP of MJ", MonMon was saying hey so ngam 5 of us, don't you think we like Jackson5? HAHA! We're not dark as theirs.. So I suggested why not we already have a captain name GARY & make it GARYSON5..kekekeke, how's it? ;) Nice name isn't it?

The day before he lefted, he passed the responsibily to our vice captain being nominated. Hopefully he will do well in the future :p of take good care of us.

Happy family FIPP as at 3 Sept 2009. Boss was left earlier, so i just simply put him in here.. kekeke, they said why looks more like soul rather than human. I've no answer :p

It's kinda sad when the time he lefted the office for the last day. As the distance of him to his desk getting farer and farer, i see he was keep turning back and starred at it with lots of reluctance :'( Then we went for PotPot after work for the last time. I was never realise there's a 2nd farewell email he sent out esp for Garyson5. I've just realised the next day when MonMon told me about that. It was superb touched and was in tears reading it.

Forever in memories! Weee, i know we gonna meet again soon so not to worry. I still have chance to call u AH CHANG! kekekeke..

AH CHANG, friendship forever! and You know You gonna be missed all the time... I do! We do!

ALL THE BEST in your new business and pleaseeeeeee take good care of yourself. Ain't We're in the same situation? I'm behaving by having an apple daily, "An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away!" and you.... You also need to do something right then only fair mah :p "No Eggs No fried Keeps Doctor Away!" We need to be a role model for team so that *touched wood* they won't follow our footstep in the future. We want health, we want health!! YEA, come on Promise!!!!!! Then you will be back to normal after 6 months, isn't it.... Keep it up and take care!! * Miss all time PotPot Supper together*

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Apple Talk

Weeee, i've a new task next week onwards. Now start learning :) Yea, i'm kinda happy when he told me about this. HeHe! Am i sounds crazy even workload is increasing and have to come earlier too. HAHA! They said i'm crazy. So what ler? As long as I'm happy!! You know everyday being so routine until i'm so bored already. Luckily weekly have SC things to do and now add another task ;) It's good better than none right? Let's give my brain a chance to function again! kekekekeke... Come on baby go go go! After this, i'm gonna challenge another task :p lol...


The "APPLE" Talk :p chi chi cham cham

Its colour so special isn't it?

My 1st thought, i thinked of that two fellows. The one who eat Green apple daily and another who eat red apple daily WHO both sit beside me.


I bite! ngek ngek ngek

p/s: Eat more green apples doesn't means that Dengue Mosquitoes won't bite you.
SENG proved that this statement is totally wrong. Coz even he has it everyday but he still diagnosed with Dengue for the past few months. LOL craping!

Coincidentally that day prayers, so i brought an orange and an apple (the above) to the office. Oh yea, fight win them! Win-Win situation.. HAHA! They always talked non-stop perli-ing me, so I threaten them by biting the apple beside their ears. Hohoho!! He said i sounds like litter rather than biting. LOL...*childish* :p But it was pretty fun when i saw their reaction!

所謂,“一天一粒紅蘋果,健康美滿又快活!” I just simply write this, make sense??? :p

Another,"An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away"!

KP came to our house for "health talk" last weekend, i know i'm unhealthy. So I start it few days ago, hopefully this practise stay forever. So I'm gonna eat more apples from today onwards since it's sooo H.e.a.l.t.h.y. HAHA! At least one apple daily is my practise now. I've start it up now, how about you my dear blog reader? :)

Read this article:-
Benefit of Apple

一天一粒紅蘋果,健康美滿又快活!一天一粒紅蘋果,健康美滿又快活!=) kekeke