Monday, March 30, 2009

What sick people do @ work?

If you didn't have any choice, still have to go to work even you're sick, what would you do in office?

hahaha! ME, they said i look like a baby XD

1. Extra wear a sweather
2. Bring along my baby pillow from home *dad say harrrr, you bring pillow to work?* aiyo, i don't have choice, i'm not allow to take MC.
3. Bring minyak angin to reduce sneezing
4. Move my tissue box from car to office *tissue not enough*
5. Tie up my hair and clip it
6. Cross my leg on the chair
7. Silent all night long

Imagine i crossed my leg @ work, hugging a small pillow with hair all tie up! Oh my baby! =)
Actually this makes me feel better!!! GREAT!!

I feel better today, so i'm not gonna be a baby today. LOL... still flu!!! When this gonna come to an end???

Friday, March 27, 2009


I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!!!! I'm getting worse day by day... baby Gary, Seng, CheahNee, pls come back to work :'(

Seng admitted hospital on monday..
CheahNee admitted hospital yesterday...

The next one will it be me?? :( !@#$#$ tai ket lei si...... headache, painful eyes, flu attacked.... not just me, but the virus is spreading to whole team...... it's a curse ah?

I'm so glad it's already friday! 1 week continuosly 4 people absent really K.I.L.L us terribly!!!! I want a MC also not dare....................... They said will come to my house and kill me if im on mc :p Yesterday i was like driving home in both eyes closed, too tiring, so thankful i reached home safely.. Sometimes think of it, really wanna cry :'( at least cried out, will be much better.. the tears in high helps!

Don't dare to eat biscuits now.. it will become worse! But can i have KFC? XD heeeeeeee!

Hopes everyone healthy!!!!

p/s: Hey guys, remember tomorrow earth day, switch off your light from 8.30-9.30pm.. alamak why fahrenheit can be held at 8pm? not practising ah..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is so fragile

Heard Baby Gary said her grandma was ok already, will be discharged from hospital soon. After a few hours, his family called and said his grandma had passed away :( Wow, how come change that fast?

Another my colleague Seng was admitted to hospital yesterday morning. Never been noticed that he has diagnosed of Dengue last week and now become lung infection :( another sad news coming. You will never knows what will happen in a glimpse of time.

I'm dissapointed that nobody start saying like hospital visit. I'm very dissapointed. How can people become selfish, so bo sim? Maybe i'm wrong! Maybe they plan to go in silent or what, i don't know! I'm so touched that Boss is the only one who replied my mail said he wanna pay him a visit =) But he needs transport. Anyway, it's fine. At least have someone who really cares about! That's all about caring. Now tell me what's team work? This phrase seems like become far away from me day after day. I wish there will be more joining us tomorrow......

Seng, speedy recovery!!! Best wishes....amitabha...

p/s: I miss mama! :'( 26 days to go...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

SC 2009

Actually I thought i wanna maintain low profile on this. Who knows end up elected as treasurer and now everyone knows! I'm shocked of the results. Between, I'm happy to get good compliments from boss and friends. =) So touched! Thanks for your support! Thanks for believe in me! I knew that i always have so much of things to worry about. I always like to think the worst case which is not good at all. I'm short of confidence at times. I knew that i'm not good in expressing my taught. Not the 1st time being a treasurer but this time seems to be very different for me, coz it's large organisation. Lots of stress! That's the reason why i would like to take this opportunity to overcome my fearness and obstacles. and Shout it out loudly, I CAN DO IT!!!! * I should say i can do it all the time to encourage myself"

This is a good chance for me to develop myself in terms of leadership and organisation skills. I wanna learn how to be a better person; I wanna overcome the fearness of standing in front of hundreds people and express my taught in a way of "good" english.
I care of how people see me! I care of how am i doing! I will definately do my very best in every event. Sometimes i'm wondering whether is a correct decision i've made? or nothing to do and purposely go try something bitter? Since i've already started, i will continue the path and gave my very best with no regrets. I begged will very busy throughout this year lol..



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Real of Life

Fuiyo, i thought i've been working for ten years :p Why feel so tired? Time flies, i officially work for 22 months already. Finally one more rest day for me! =) I will definately appreaciate this day of course.

Heard Dell was facing the terribly retrenchment right now due to economic downturn. I'm so glad that i leave hell that soon without waiting for any chances of promoted. I love Citi so muchie right now! Truly, Deeply, madly =) heeeeeeeee.. savage garden neh.. keke

Take a look at me now..... [quoted Mariah Carey, hahahaha]

2 years of physically changes.. From the baby who just came to the world of reality, now looked so mature thinking. haha! SSnya... Maybe some aspect are not la :p Oh my goodness! 2 years ago i looked so innocent! How come? Now old that much...

That's the impact of sacrifice. The pay is totally not equivalent with what we've contributed. Stress, politics, conflicts, mistakes make us grow..... in accordance to the change of physical outlook :( Too bad! That's the reality of life!

Actually something changed me tremendously recently. Now, i just want to appreaciate every minute and every second i have to learn everything i want when i was young.... 岁月不留人....You will regret one day if you don't...

That's why you see me want learn this, learn that, want do this and that... lol :)

Later go pasar malam! yayayayayaya, 1 year plus didn't go d, night eh how can go wo right?.. woohoo! looking forward....

Gambatte neh!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Makes my dream comes true =)

I wanna make my dreams come true in year 2009!!

I wanna succeed my dream since i was a kid which is LEARN PIANO! Since i can afford for myself right now. But i thinked my house coudn't fit in a piano. When flood that time, my piano will really gone case... So i've decided to go for KEYBOARD =) It's mobility, safer :) Went to Yamaha School bought tuner just now, test on some keyboard! Daniel taught us lots of knowledge on keyboard. I love a lot Yamaha Keyboard E413! I'm so wanna polish up my skills and my interest! That's my target for this year! and all because of that, i've to postpone my desire for stainless steel watch. But it's ok, that i can wait... Just i can't wait for learning keyboard! YAYAYAYAYA!

YAMAHA KEYBOARD E413, i'm walking my path to you! I'm gonna get you soon! *Saving*

Friday, March 13, 2009


I can't believe I make mistakes 3 days continuously :( which is impact a lot! Today's mistake even makes me speechless. I really don't know how to explain how can i done wrong until like this? I'm in a very good mood lately but i don't know what's the factor cause to all this mistakes! :'( Saying sorry is NOTHING at all!

I've been really stressful recently but it's just fine for me. Even yesterday i was so careful viewing every details and i also can do wrong. Tell me what's the hell happened to me?? Anything curse me around?? :( :( This never been happen to me before. Seriously, i'm so dissapointed of myself.

Today, i'm extremely quiet in office. I'm concentrating 100% to my work without chit-chatting and sing along session, double check view it again, again and again. If tomorrow there's an announcement i've make any mistakes??? I REALLY WANNA BANG MYSELF TO THE WALL ALREADY. I wish I will not betray myself again..... STOP making mistakes throughout the year 2009... *Ok, completeness and clarity*

Pray hard for me!! Ah grandma, Ah grandpa please popi popi me!! I wan a good year 2009!

"Ah Leng, pls pls jiayou!!! Your car break down d!!!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

S&J Wedding

Actually i was thinking of blog about work again. I'm so stressful of all the things to be completed due this week: social committees, ISO projects and the development plans. Still thinking of how am i gonna get it done with 100% satisfaction. OK, i've been delaying 2 weeks to blog about this and here's it!!! The Wedding:)

Still remember the romance starwalk? Here's their wedding!!

People yam...seng! Kekeke.. some still can't resist of the food.. yum yum :p

Group photo

Their wedding dinner held at Han Chiang Sch Hall. However, it's more like Citigroup annual dinner rather than wedding dinner :) haha! 70 tables really not a few!! Wowww... I looked so chubby that night, maybe just wake up then straight to the dinner :p I was like Edema水肿!expanding... sad lo...


The 1st time i was joining the guys gang!!! Everytime i also be jimui for gals, never been this before... so different! I was like a tomboy army [ta po peng] among guys!!!! I can feel be gal's gang even more fun coz can bully people! Evil :p

The lovely hand bouquet of roses...

Crap Story started :p

...Story ended :p uak uak uak... 够无聊吧?

See see the below 2 photos which i like a lot! hahaha! Coz i looked so tiny there. YeaYea! "Self praise is a pride!!! Muahahahaha! I was like shrinked early in the morning compared to the night. kekeke, suddenly feel like im a baloon which is going to explode at night.. Ish... hahaha!

I looked so outstand in this pic coz the weird orange colour. But i look so small, HAHAHAHAAHA!

白猪[The 1st from Right] asked me to stand between so that won't look that obvious. HAHA! and again I look even smaller than previous pic. Seriously, Im superb happy! HAHAHAHAHAHA..

From that day onwards, i only realised Annson [Center] was that TALL. Wow! How can she taller than me so much, i was like a Dwarf.. Hmm, same age ah! How can she grow so tall but i'm still that short.. yerr, envy la!!

I haven't tell you the TRUTH. Actually the truth is I look smaller because they are tall and i'm short... So envy and self-abased... But the benefit is people will care more on you =) Don't you think so?? 见仁见智!I hope it's always like this then i'm the most blessful person in the world... Damn like dreaming la me! HAHA..

Last but not least, the handsome bridegroom and the beautiful bride!!! =) heee! We know we're soo busy taking pictures... hehe! But we're not forgetting the main characters of the day!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excellent Team Award

Yayayayaya! We won it!

It was a pleasant surprise! Never expect will have this day. Never realise Citi have this award too. haha! WE ARE SO GREAT laaa! kekeke, SSnya. Yesterday i didn't went to office, as Koong called immediately to inform me this good news. Wow, I still can't stop fever about it... =) So glad that i'm one of ten people being nominated qualify for the cash reward. YAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYA, $$$$ haha! That was so wonderful to have this award!!! I begged Boss will surely very proud of us. Thanks Boss!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boss's wedding lunch

hehehehhehehe! hahahahahahahaha! I'm alright! Just always think too much at night! =) Give me a break, a night then i will recover... Hopefully everytime YES. Wei, i'm not purposely wanna post SAD post la, i can't control ma, so i just wrote immediately :) hehe! A-mei's concert is around the corner, lots of Nice song from her 真实,记得,如果你也听说,一眼瞬间 etc! I wanna go her concert! But guess no one willa accompany me go lo.. hmm

I met Lik Chuen @ Yew's wedding yesterday night! Yayayayayyaa, after 5 years we met again! LikChuen, nice to see you again! Wohooo! Between i looked so CHAN last night
:( Yerr! Will blog about another wedding events next few days....

Let me blog about last saturday 1st, my cute boss's wedding! :) It's a delay lunch treat, he've already have his wedding dinner at India in January.

I like this couple bears a lot! That's why i bought them. Don't know what will Boss feel? will it be too childish? haha! But they seems like like them with the couple bedsheet.

1st time met Boss's darling. Actually i'm not expected his wife will be that looks at all, haha! I expected she will be looked wild a bit. Btw they got husband and wife looks.

Group picture =D