Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We had reach a conclusion and made a promise with each other just now.

I'm not sure whether i'd made the right decision. Am wondering should I happy or sad about the so called good news he brought to me. I thought i should be sad? But the moments he told me, frankly I smile :)

Will the moment i sing to him "No Promises" comes? I'm not even Shayne Ward XD I guess he will chop my head into pieces then. Hahahahahaha! I'd tried my best keep trying, trying, trying... If no feedback, I thinked i'm really need to accept the fact.

Let's the timing decide where shall i pursue to? Let it be......God, please don't fool on me. Shed me some light please?

I feel myself like had no value added recently. I shall start doing something to myself the soonest i can. Let's back to study then!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

0711 Happy Birthday Sista :)

After years been not doing it, woohoo, i'm back! I'M BACK IN ACTION!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


There's a chance of going overseas came across...

Should i just go and have a try? :'(
Should i just say, "never try never knows?"
Too much of thinking, too much of brainstorming...
I just not dare to take 1 step further.....

I'd thinked for 2 days.
After all those incidents happened.....
Actually i've thinking of if year 2012 really NOT the end the world only i will leave here..... But now why that fast?
If 2012 really happened, I will feel very guilty coz i didn't even appreaciate the 2 years time left to stay together with them....

I just ask her opinion about it just now, she said,"Go try! Earn more.. I didn't block you gals from doing anything you want to do."

I know actually her heart was so upset, her tone of voice suddenly change..
Or i just thinked too much, she just awake from sleep thats why she sounds so...
Anyway, i just wish somebody please support me. Doesn't she already support me? What I want now :'(

I really don't know where to stay....

Sometimes i just too considerate about him. He just recover from illness and he has to accept that one by one giving him the real surprise........ Should i choose A or B.