Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We had reach a conclusion and made a promise with each other just now.

I'm not sure whether i'd made the right decision. Am wondering should I happy or sad about the so called good news he brought to me. I thought i should be sad? But the moments he told me, frankly I smile :)

Will the moment i sing to him "No Promises" comes? I'm not even Shayne Ward XD I guess he will chop my head into pieces then. Hahahahahaha! I'd tried my best keep trying, trying, trying... If no feedback, I thinked i'm really need to accept the fact.

Let's the timing decide where shall i pursue to? Let it be......God, please don't fool on me. Shed me some light please?

I feel myself like had no value added recently. I shall start doing something to myself the soonest i can. Let's back to study then!!

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