Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Multi tasking

When someone feel so Zzzzz, but still have a lot to do can't sleep yet.
This is what i can do now! HAHA! :) MULTI TASKING

*Rub off a bit* coz it's P&C details....

1) Watching drama - already episod72, hohoho, almost finished
2) Stay awake of anyone online in msn - can chat ma :p but don't think anyone stay that late can chat with me lol
3) Doing my ISO assignment again - it's never ends until May, pressure! From week to week, from part to part. Hmmm.. anyhow glad Boss giving this chance :) and it's expanding my learning curve. Happy! Hope it ends very soon!

=D =D Sien lol... I haven't finish my ISO...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's 3.10am now. It sounds that somebody just wake me up. Aiyo i don't know who? :p I feel not comfortable! HOT + ICHY on my neck. Haha! So i just have my bath and what should i do NOW? I can't sleep anymore. Arggg! OK la, continue my "the gem of life". Guess what? i sleep at around 8.30pm. Yea, 8.30! Feel so tired. Someone was just rang me in this afternoon and i don't know what's the reason of him suddenly contacted me :( So suddenly! I'm worried! I feel of something bad again. I know i've thinked too much, "Don't tell me is selling me insurance." AGAIN, i hope for all the best!

So sien lar! Really i guess i should have plan something interesting to do in the weekend. Or else really fatt mou and very tired whole day at home. Tell me, if i'm prefering not to spend on anything, what should i do in the weekend? Tuff question!

I've lots to blog but i'm lazy tonight. So it's postpone. hehe!

p/s: Daniel is not just a star right now but even much more than that. I mean Danell Lee! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Seriously, i emo a lot lately. with some difficulties and think a lot! It's difficult to express. Something is not convenience to clarify here. I rather keep in my heart rather than sharing with friends. Even best friends, but why i prefer to keep in my heart by not sharing with others. I don't know! Maybe they will thinked that, "Yerrr, why you're not sharing with me? I'm your best friend!" I choose to be silent. Sometimes silent is the "Power". I really meant it :)

Thought i will be having my trip to KL twice within Feb-March which is some people will say "WAH" "CRAZY". Now i thinked not even once :( Haiz! Long story.. Some difficulties which i always faced that! You should know that.. I really have tried my best! !@#$%^&* Sadly to announce i coudn't make it. Jie, i coudn't bring some save drama for you d. Let's see how in the coming months...

Recently, company keep practising any possible policy to cut cost:-

- Milo + Coffee vendor machine NO longer Free.. Meaning i got no free Milo for night! Oh my!! My dear Milo....

- Sharing cube few weeks later. They wanna save the utility expenses by sharing computers. Oh my!!!

Moving to 5th floor since 2 weeks ago. No longer Hot-con or switch on the fan at night, we have aircon! :) No need to concern about the air anymore. I can wear nicer and formal clothes to work now. Yeah happy, seriously i tidy up my clothes yesterday and realised that i do have lots of outfit can wear to the office with that air-con environment. Luckily they didn't cut cost of this! I like my cube very much! Superb... I've been moving lots of my belonging to office:- Bears soft toy, souvenirs, key chain, pictures etc. I'm so glad that i've my own space with my own belonging. haha! But somehow good thing doesn't stay long, have to share cube few weeks later. What the hell of this realistic world? aiyo!

Anyhow, i should appreaciate of all by not cutting our salary!! right? =D Let me share with you my cube and environment when i'm so "crazy" and so "free" to take pictures. haha!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pai Ti Gong

Slept for whole day =) WAH, Long time didn't have a good sleep already. Aiyo Tired..Keep headache lately :( maybe coz of the weather.. But still i do wish that sunny days continuous. I scared after heat days all this while leads to flood like Perak last few days. Please don't!! I really scared lo...

Yesterday went to see watch again. Actually was looked for a couple watches for boss marriage presents, so sunbian see my watch :p hehe! Tempted me a lot! I'm sooooo wanted a new stanless steel watch since last year.. Saw a C'ma watch, like it a lot but it's too expensive RM3095! Wah, Really can buy 10 watches of mine now. So have to ignore my desire lol..Promise myself, will get ONE for my birthday presents... I hope i can control until Nov lo :) *wub wub new watch* save for a new watch..

8th CNY night actually Pai Ti Gong. That's the night i've been waiting for once in a year. I knew that's the merriest throughout the year. I'm glad to be able attend again. Don't know since when and where i become so superstitious about religious. haha! But i do belief that.. This year same as usual, firecrakers everywhere from house to house. However, this year seems like short of something! hmm, dont know what's it....But this year quite special. The person who substituted into the god of ZHE GONG from nearby temple came to every practised pai ti gong houses for prayer and distributed sweets and angpao.

CNY going to end soon. Happy Chap Goh Meh my dear blog reader! =)
Hope Moo Moo Year will bring lucks to Me, all the best... I've been waiting really MY day to come!

@ Citi with crazy people =D

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kek Lok Si

7th CNY is Ren Jit. Everyone of us birthday!! =D
We went Kek Lok Si on this special day.

I feel very grateful that we can go along Kek Lok Si again. It's not easy! The amount of people seems like decreasing from years to years. It has been 3 years continously we went together. I hope it doesn't come to an end. IT's our date, i wish our KLS visits may succeed every coming year.

Watched the comedy movie "All's well End's well 2009". It was extremely funny but overally was sucks. It's much worse than the 2007 version. I like 2007 version more. The storyline of this seems like so forcing and suddenly comes to a conclusion, a very good ending. Hmm.. another movie "Wedding Games" which casted by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee much better. Heeee! The real couple in real life, somemore they going to married very soon :) How wonderful to see them acting as a couple in the movie. Next week going to watch Red Cliff 2. Haha! I thinked this chinese new year gonna be the year which I've watched the most movie ever in my life :p I rarely watch movie de lar....I keep chasing my drama @ home only =)

Below pictures are taken by using My lovely pinky skinnyT @ Kek Lok Si. I never get to take such nice photos with my cam before in my life really. That's so true! Like them very muchieeee!wubwub

Ok Holiday is over!!!!! I'm going back to work tomorrow! I'm happy to meet back the crazy colleagues after a week+ and move to Level 5 tomorrow. Oh my, how's my new cube would be? They said super cold like refrigerator at night there.

Thanks God that i've a chance to Pai Ti Gong just now again =) so fun!
I like the feel everyone gather together.
I like the noice of firecrakers ping ling pang lang.
I like the prayer ceremony which i can express what I wish to say to.
I like and being so proud of I'm the hokkien lang who practised the culture of Hokkien. It's not easy to develop the culture from one generation to another.

I've told tigong what i want just now :p just a conclusion. haha! My prayer process doesn't take lots of times. lol.

Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY photo series

Haha! I don't know! After spoke to Ah Mund just now, my mood changed! :p Suddenly felt very happy!!!! I'm waiting for his good news for me tomorrow!! Hope there's hope.... Hope i'm able to make it pai ti gong tomorrow night! *PRAYING* Hope hope hopefully yes lol. After i've been thinking of this for days.... Ok la result wise not important more..... Anything, i will accept it! :) Oh my god, thinked too much! I'm over thought, assuming something which not confirm at all, and assuming everything bad will happen ! But actually it doesn't that bad...... lol lol, OH MY!

This CNY which i've been waiting for, 9days holidays =D long than enough almost over! If tomorrow another off day then would be ten ten ten ten ten ten.... Sounds so Uhmmm! :p haha!

Creativity? heee! *i'm lovin it* Come on let's see... the photo which i've been edited for everyday gathering of my CNY. I can feel the feel of being successful成就感!Just see photos enough la, i'm so lazy to blog :p

p/s: if you want *your* edited pic below, just click to enlarge k , thanks! =D Hope you guys love it!

Coming soon! 7th CNY Kek Lok Si.....I've yet transfer to my computer.. Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEOPLE! I love all the photos we've taken @ there so much! SO NICE LIGHTING!! Thanks wubwub skinnyT!! You make us so wonderful! Heeee...