Monday, August 31, 2009

*HOT* Heavenly King Andy Lau & Carol Zhu


Andy Lau has finally revealed his relationship with Carol. They've already registered in Las Vegas last year.

Sis was pretty crazy of Andy's news :p Keep watching the videos repeat and repeat again. Damn MAN lol Wah Zai!!! ;) [kekekeke, sounds like i'm calling my uncle's name] Yunn said Andy is indeed cruel for lying to public for years. Being the heavenly king, there are lots of circumstances taking into consideration. Won't Jacky Cheung living happily ever after even after revealed his marriage? Anyway, it's depends on how one's decide to reveal or not.

Celebrity not allow to have gf nor married? Sucksss! Won't they're human too? lol.. For me, i will say don't care what surrounding talk about, Be Yourself, Go for what you want and living happily after :) Fans should happy whereby their lovely idol has found his truth love. What you think?

I'm quite impressive of the technique of Andy hide all of this for 24 years. Don't HK Paparazi very well-known of getting celebrity's private secret? HAHA! :p The truth only revealed after so many years. Of course Carol as well, her contribution has been so huge being the woman behind Andy for years. It's not easy!

Anyhow, Wish Andy and Carol has a blissful marriage ahead! :) It's GOOD the truth had finally revealed!!

This website is very interesting!!! I'm being recommended by sis, follow this all the while. Very updated all about Wah Zai!!
All about Andy Lau

Gloria's blog is indeed interesting as well:-
Gloria Joy Victor

The crowds was pretty crazzzzyyyy!! Andy did a great job protecting his woman for all this while *respect*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PG - Where To Go This Weekend Aug IV


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Monday, August 24, 2009


This is mood alike me this weekend :D Between, he's so adorable isn't it? HAHAHA...

I have a lot to do, a lot to carry on and yet i don't have the mood to finish up, rather wait until the last minutes then pilipala finish up. Even know it's wrong, still going on the wrong way..

So sien, when there's mood to blog out of sudden but coudn't find my pendrive to get those pictures. Arghh, lomo again! Don't know where i put it.. Guess i leave it in office.. no idea! (",) hello, wake up wake up wake up!! the day still early....

Recent me! =) haha!
can be say round 1 round me 2...

Annoyed my hair colour:- It became so bright and too Outstand after months! Feel so geli,Like Kam Mui Lui! :p Feel like dying back to black instead, more formal..

My new gadget MP3 player.... Normal black.. Unfortunately don't have my fav white colour :( Sony currently don't have any white

Anyway, i love it a lot~ Since i've been living without mp3 for quite sometimes. Lalalalalala, people buy ipod but im still stick with mp3 :) save money! Lolololololo.. It doesn't matter it's not IN than others or what. The most important is how's the way you judge on it. Haven't listen to chinese radio station for more than half year i guess. Felt so lag behind, now i just know 1% of all those songs aired on radio. Glad i found my music back again!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

[Updated] Kotex @ QBM

My internet line is extremely lack this few days. Finally find a strategic time to load me in and complete this entry ;)


The Clearest out of "hundreds" of blur shot :p Guess Sony's anti-shake not strong enough for user like me XD I Like this! LOVELY!!!! :)

YouJi's ringtone very often can be hear in the office this few weeks ;) Don't know where's the ringtone come from, might be from other team. It has been long time since the very last time he sang this song. I'm so miss listen to the live version!! Thus, I'm very touched when Dan actually sang it on that day :) kekeke.. but i didn't record of it. If not maybe i can listen to it repeatly now. Anyway is ok, i'm kinda into that song and enjoyed when the moment he sang it. Long time never into that mood already. Hehe! Feel good.. :p

*Scanned the photo from Kotex*
The very rarely group photo with Dan in PG <3

I just know the "he" is PCK's AH BENG XD They were promoting the "dont know what's the name" drama.. kekeke

Wonder why mostly Singaporean artists that tall? Aren't they Asian too... Why not me? :p *jealous*

The long time MIA SSUET! Yayaya!

Glad to meet my old friend again. I thinked it has been 4 years back since we last chat. kekeke, I'm kinda like to refresh of the past isn't it, Do I?? YAAAA LORRR, i also feel it! :p I still remembered we don't really talk much when the 1st meet; this time was like we started to talk when she stepped into my car and talk talk talk non-stop... until the time I dropped back her to bus station. HAHAHA! *crazy* We refreshed again our crazy met at BTS in year 2005. kekeke, Really Crazzyyyy yet so precious!! THANKS GOD that she didn't lost on the way to PG and manage to meet her AhBeng sucessfully in person. Gave her a big Huggggg before she lefted :D huhuhuhuhu, I miss you my friend! Hopefully we can meet again very soon and make our trip a very success one this year!

PG - Where To Go This Weekend Aug III

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Monday, August 17, 2009


After 2 weeks didn't take photo, i saw the real me again today! :p [kekeke, but i did look in the mirror everyday,i thinked less than 30 seconds daily XD] AHHHHH Shock me! I mean in the photo. LOL. I was like HAR -_-lll since when i become that "ball". I was in the same blouse and skirt 1 month ago, it's totally look different! AHH HELP HELP! 啊!啊!啊!啊!啊!啊!救命!!我快崩溃了! You know, the feel was like imagined the "roti" KLCC tower built by me @ queensbay just now? Suddenly all collapse... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA... :p Good imagination isn't it? exaggerated.. kekeke

Now i realise the outcome of having yummy "CHeeeSeeee and Hammmm" as breakfast and supper daily; somemore having chicken soup daily. Nah, now you see? 补到出“肉”了!The day before only he told me, "Wah, eat a slice of cheese before badminton ah, you're not scared of growing wider ahhh?" I was like so action answered, "NO LO!! Don't scared at all, healthy ma!!!" Now i believe it lo!! 啊!我快崩溃了!kekekeke...again!

AH cuddly Pls help me Urgently! Now i really become the real theodore already! :p Tomorrow is my "REST" day, let me have my fav rempah fish celebrate for the last day. Anyway, is ok, that's still ME isn't it *pesimis* :) I'm still love myself, don't you love yourself? I love all those photos.. hehe! p/s: I'm so likeyyyy my secondary sch photos, even i'm kinda out of the shape.. kekeke, but they're so precious! Coconut haircut + XL blouse + Over knee straight cut skirt with that "awesome" pose. Wanna hv a look? Come to my house then.. wakakakaka! Anyway, NO definately i wont let me time turning back :)

18.08.2009 [fatt fatt date :p] Mission started! On Diet! *namo namo, don't buy me any cheese & ham; don't cook for me soup anymore* I'm gonna stop all that. I believe sure he/she did, i just need to control myself. JIAYOUUUUU!!! =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Got It ! ~

Oh yah, i had a good news to share yesterday but anyway streamyx is always suck at my area. Its characteristic definately like chipsmore, "Now you see, Now you don't!" :p Now i'm not in the mood to share, just wanna Zzzzz soon.. haha!

Good news hit me continuously lately! I hope it stay and keep booming me, come on baby, come on!! HAHA!! My "lucky", please spam me whichever u like as long as GOOD!!!! Feel good!!! Shu bi doo bap.. Bap.. Bap =D So please somebody else there don't spoilt my mood.

Okay, I'm going to be involved in CTSM web walkthough. OMG! It's so unbelievable! Am i dreaming? Yeaaaaaa, i'm not!! =) Definately another superb learning arena!!! Can't wait.. I knew that i won't be the BEST of all :( but i will give my 100% very best. and THANK YOU for the support!! those "somebody" :) I appreciate the chances given.

DONT praise me too much, i can't stand with it.. You may strike on me!!!!!!! :p HAHA! Sounds violence isn't it? I just feel that it really works on me rather than praise a lot.. kekeke.. yea maybe just me! 人是需要打击而成长的,哈哈,少少可以了。不然我可顶不住变哭包,呐呐!

HAHA bang myself like this to motivate myself? :p

Hoi, don't think me as such an abnormal person. I hit my knees at the table last few days. At that moment, I murmured to myself, "Wowww, why my knee so strong enough, no pain no gain!... Oh ya, maybe i took lots of calcium this few week!" Gosh, thinked too much!! Mana tahu after 1-2 days, can see the slightly red wound. and NOWWW it becomes Ohh Che [black green] kekeke, looks like a green apple which being poisoned by the witch....ngek ngek ngek!

p/s: im waiting my typhoon holiday photos to blog about it. Those crazy people are so amazed, make my life full of so much hopes and laughers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009


Flipping my scrap book, found my handprint 3 years ago...XD

Unbelievable still can grow after 3 years? :p Measured, each of them grows approximately 4cm.

Looking for fingering slimming sanctuary, c'mon look for me :p *kekeke, incredibly Crap* lol

Saturday, August 8, 2009

PG - Where To Go This Weekend Aug I

*click to enlarge
Gosh i've totally forgot to post up about this.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sing it L.O.U.D

Just 6 of us, and we got the biggest room in the box! XD I guess now i know the reason.. Or i just thinked too much :p Or....

你就是那大傻瓜!:p 傻瓜傻瓜傻瓜!

Guess we've never been so FREE & EASY in the box before.. :) Which is ever so fun!!! Last time i've been into this room for Dell Indo inside and outside sales gathering for around 20 people. and Now just SIX of us. Can you imagine the crowd? WOW! XD

They're all over the places. kekeke, I mean those people, oh my friends ok :) HAHA!

Pweitttt, they're performing on stage !!!!

Sing it LOUD & CLEAR!! Chillout!!!

I like to move it move it; You like to move it move it! MOVE IT!!!

Miss Sing K session with you all always! XD Omg, i've forgotten to bring my whistle on that day!! :p I love the big room, can we've the big room for next time? next next time? and next next next too? XD

Slumdog Millionaire's JAY HO is the favourite song of the night!!! So high!! XD HAHA! Come on jumping jumping, jay ho!! jay ho!!!

This version is soooo great!! I love it!! A R Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls

p/s: Can i have just as slim as her waist?????????????? kekeke

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunrise ; Sunset

Have you ever see sunrise and sunset on the same day?

Omg! I've never been such a critical situation before. Work for more than 24 hours per day Hemaaannnnn! Will you? Unbelievable... Step out from house to office at 5pm yesterday, work work work until around 8.30am today; Go eat something continue back office at 10am, work work work until just now around 7pm. Sunrise + sunset both together -_-lll . Really match perfectly to Citi's slogan which is "Citi never sleep". This few weeks really work like robot... sleep, wake up, dinner, work, sleep again repeatly... Even want to think non sense also have no time, no life in the weekdays. Luckily still manage to have some entertainment during the weekend. :)

Wanna try 24 hours work non-stop? XD I'm damn sleepy just now!
Never thought of boss will say when he dropped to have a look of two of us,

" layleng, can you do me a favour?"
"YES, sure!!!!!"
"PLEASE go to sleep now before the conference call!!! Go take turn to sleep.. "
I was like Har????? Sleep ah?? Sleep while suppose we worked?? Then hor after few minutes....
He said again,
"Hey guys, don't want to have your lunch?? Do you need any delivery Mc Donald, Dominos??"

^_^ So nice of him... Keep repeating when he's been there, before leave, even after leave. There, That's the reason why i always praised him.. Can I? :p nananana! Thank you Boss!! *another my idol, kekeke* lol, hyperactive person also will feel sleepy ma, you thought i'm wonderwoman meh? :p

I'm superb sleepy!!! I never thought of don't sleep is a matter at all for me but now i realised i rather choose to sleep rather than eat. HAHA~ I so miss my bed now! Even it's just beside me, but i've decided not to approach until 11pm. I don't wanna waste my saturday just like that... Once i choose to sleep now, meaning my saturday will be gone!!!!!!!!!! How rarely i got my real weekend to spend with... Enjoy with.......I want a long weekend, can?