Friday, May 22, 2009

It's time to make a change

U know? I'm so bored the life of medicine, sleep, eat, work life loo!!! Sien si wa laa, don't know what to do!! Thanks God that i've my lappieeeee besides me with internet :p

The tones of medicine Dr gave me for 2 time consulation.

See the black and white pils, hehe! Looks like playing reversi games isn't it? HAHAHA! *苦中作乐*

Last 2 night, i've experience the 1st gastric in my life. There's 1st now, meaning there's 2nd in the future :( Never been so painful before, even worse than bitten by bees nor menstrual time. The terrible thing was i don't know which part of mine painful at 1st. They make me laugh non-stop at work and my "part" pain non-stop when launged. I hunch back walked all the way to carpark to get my car home.

Doctor gave me a lesson of which part is stomach this and that. He advised me to take my 3 meal consistently daily. I just told him my condition, how can i?? It's impossible! I need to sleep :p my main concern. Normally i was just having my 1st meal at 5pm, then another when i went home around 1-2am, then tidur. This few days seems like delaying until 5am due to transit to imaging. It's advisable to take a snack or meal every 4 hours. I've to listen to him then, i don't wanna experience again..Now I wish i will recover soon, i don't want to admit to hospital la doctor!!:'(

Yeah, finally i can get a MC today!! Finally can have a day rest lye on my bed throughout the night! =D

This time sickness seems like alarmed me to do something for my own goodness. I know money can't be everything, health is the most important. Yesterday i walked into 7-eleven and saw the always sold out Wa Wa Wasabi Twisties on the shelf. *jumping happily* took it and pay to the counter. Mana tahu, once i opened it up and see when im home, GOSSSHH it's spicy garlic laaa, where's the wa wa wasabi?? Now i've sight problem oso la!!! I've thinked a lot yesterday night. I thinked i've to make a change right now and back to normal lifestyle. I cried out when i thinked about this stage :'( Coz i really care, I care about $$; I heavy hearted to leave each and everyone of them too. I miss! They're too fun and humour to be with, i'm very happy to work with them. *confuse* Even i willing to but i'm still struggling in making the decision.

"The happiest of people don't neccessary to have lots money, they just have to be healthy all the time."

*Toodles* IT's time to sleep again lo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mama, Mama you know i love you..
[I love you, You know i love you]
Mama, Mama you're the queen of my heart!!!

Neh.. This is the song popular by Boyz II Men ever so famous of all dedicated for mama! <3 My generation's song yeh! 呵呵,我在想啊! 如果一人把三人完整的和音唱得淋漓尽至,不知会唱到断气吗? ^_^ Okie la, i thinked too much at this time :D still can use other way to sing it what! Weeeee, but but but... I still like to think that much!! :p

Back to the topic, this is the delay mother's day to be with my dearest! <3 SALSAS her all time favourite, why? She likes its grilled salmon which come with rice. She went 3 times per week with lao peng you XD Hence she knows almost all the waiters over there. Pweitt, more like taukeh leh! HAHA! For me this is the only 3rd time i went. Quite like its dishes!! Just the potatoes been served too salty for that day. iuu!!

Look at the "mum & I" photo above, the photographer is dad! :p this shot very central pointed which is not bad. Got improvement! XD It does suprised me, good job!! This time can see scenery, two kepala and half body too. Next time need to improve, don't shoot us became SWELL that much :p iuu iuuu! Fatty!

好怀念以前小时候的日子,妈把我丢进红色圆桶里帮我洗澡;拉着我的小手牵我国马路;晚上等我熟睡时偷偷地按长在我脸上的nanah; 好久没有一家人一块儿去吃“拉拉杂杂”的宵夜了!冷气式的餐馆感觉很不起劲儿,还是想念那种叫多多样的拉拉杂杂食物你尝尝我尝尝的互动较为温馨。


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LayPing's Wedding

The theme of white <3
@ Copthrone Hotel..

Those dishes tasted just so so. Hence, I lose my appetite for few hours :p We were just 5 ppl per table. Can you imagine i still feel hungry after the dinner? It seems to be so impossible, supposingly i ate a lot what!! But really IM HUNGRY!!!!! To cure my lil stomach, I fried an egg and ate with bread after that. XD Oopsss! Neh Neh..

Weeeeeeeeee, i can't find my eyeliner last minutes :( end up just mascara. Look so lamn tiring eyes. *swt lo* haiyo!

Kate格格 & Me :)

Wif the beautiful bride of the night =D Weeee! So happy for her! A red bomb which happen out of sudden after 1 year plus didn't met. Hoho, she informed me about that during Apr Fool. I thought she just kidding with me, who knows? So tak kam ngam tak kam kiu, it's real laa!! Seriously, she and her husband really look alike, they are meant to be together! *sweet* Pat Po a bit :p his husband proposed to her 3 times only success loo *never give up which is really impressive =D*

Who's next who's next?

HAHA! I realise this 2 photos look more like "before" and "after".

Left: Just wake up, before dinner :P superb duper chubby neh [Swell]
Right: After dinner [shrink]

Was it suppose to look inversely instead of this? I won i won in the slimming contest!! AHAH *just kidding* Don't ask me, i also don't know why? I also felt very weird lo!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wasabi Twisties

Recently i've addicted to this new launching twisties, WA WA WASABI!! :D Highly recommended you to try this if you like wasabi!! *Wub wub* <3

So far Wise's Wasabi flavour is the best! However, i thinked it no longer produce loo.. When the time i heard twisties launch wasabi flavour, i thought definately not nice with too much of powder and colouring.

MANA TAHU it's so nice!!!!! :p physically look green very pleasant, but it's so tempting and delicious.. kekekeke, OMG i encourage people eat junk food!!! Must try, must try!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

GoodBye CheahNee

Every moment at this time very easy to emo one loo :p I'm emo again la... Kiu miaa Help!!

CheahNee's last day tonight! Of course, i never thought i will so sad of her leaving one lo seriously since we are not the closest. She sit just beside my cube, we talk a lot during working hours. Even she criticise me for sometimes :p Even i don't like her attitude at times, anyway it's not a factor anymore. Now i know i really miss her la!!!!!! *talk like i'm lesbian, IM NOT LA* wakakakaka.. Her jokes, her request someone to sing her a song, "Goodbye my love 我的爱人,说再见..." HAHA! Nobody sing to her...

She called me "Ang Gu" coz i always wear in red to work; therefore i called her "Gu Gu". Nobody will call me Ang Gu tomorrow onwards d :'( Don't know i can use to it or not. With the empty cube beside me as well.

I hate to say "byebye"!!! Everytime everyone say byebye, i will definately can't control my tears. Just now i was like almost teary and finally somebody joke makes me suck back my tears. HAHA! which is a good one! Thanks MonMon!

However, glad that she's finally can have her normal life now and looking forward to give birth too :) The climax of hers, Oh baby!

GuGu, seriously i miss you so much! Hopefully we can come out gather with your baby too somedays in the future! Remember don't drink soft drink, don't eat watermelon and don't watch horror movie that often la.. Now nobody warn you again, again and again in office already. GUAI, behave yourself all right?

Take Care!! *hugs* always in memories... *CN meow smiling in her Kenari waving goodbye again to me* :'(

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Dinner @ PG

Spended 5 days time to do the recap wedding @ KL for about 20 minutes video clip. It's actually kill me! HAHA.. Coz it never been so rush for me to complete a video. Anyway, i did it yeah and it's the longest so far!!!! XD BRAVO! Don't know how to decribe the feeling? Just when i get to see my DIY clip air on the widescreen, i felt so relieve and the sense of accomplishment. Though that was so abstract! It's so worth it even a lot of hard work days and nights after work. However, it's too bad to have the poor quality screen :( My display images were all fade, it doesn't look as what i expected! Just it's very different with what shown from my notebook anyway. A lil dissapointed..

Sis back from KL for this dinner, we celebrate mother's day again together this year =) However the different for this year is we were having a wedding dinner together instead of went out for a dinner.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all MaMa out there *kisses*

weeeeee, moon of resonance.. My another family photo =)

Do i told you before a Ms M who sharing cube with me in the office actually destroy my family photo on my board :'( I don't know what's the purpose of.. Do not dare to argue or warn her about this. I scared she destroy my other things again. Arrggghhhhh, so fed up!!! Nothing i can do..

*Chill out everybody! XD*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding Dinner @ KL

Yoyo! I'm soo hectic, think of wanna have a break for a month. So tired! Keep on doing the same thing until i wanna vomit already. HAHA! Heaven knows what am i so nausea? Finally it's over! I can relax now.....hoho!

I haven't blog for my KL trip.
I haven't blog for KL wedding dinner.
I haven't blog for PG wedding dinner [later]

Somebody told me all my photos in facebook was almost 90% about wedding :p I just realised that, I've no idea. Anyway, seems to be very sweet refering back those photos. HAHA! Don't care la! XD Coz i really like wedding photos, i thought that was very precious! It's just once in the lifetime.

Really got a lot of wedding invitation lately. It's endless! Only MAY already got 4. Prfffff.... But i only can attend 3 of them XD Really that that "Ong" ah in May?

Basically my KL trip was all about towards the wedding. Nothing special, crave for foods, shopping, preparing and helping out before and on that day. A lil bored there, at night email chit chatting with my gang of office buddies. kekeke, entertaining them la work behalf of me. MUAHAHA! The only thing to appreaciate is the time spend with family =)

Just as Alrina dai ka jie's turn last time, i be the photographer of the day and night =) Weeeee! So nice get to capture beauty's pictures with my skinny camera. HAHA! *I talk like i'm a man* ahemmmmmm! MAN, MAN!!! HAHA.... I don't trust my skinnyT either but after i seen what i took from my com, that was plentiful awesome for some shot! *peace*

Here goes some shot Wedding Day @ KL

My dear cousin Popiah and my heng tai Nobita =D

Love roses shot so much! I knew that was pleasant! But i just love it! XD

Pretty shot!! :p All features stand out!! HAHA.. Model: My sista

Nobita asked me to dedicate them a song. So end up i dare myself go up the stage sing a song :P but it's a sad song. HAHAHA.. Anyway its PA system over there was awesome! so much better than Redbox, i sang ever louder as ever.. Wrong way la! kekeke, so high on that night, very enjoy on stage! how to express? WAKAKA..
豁出去!! Still a lil nervous at the beginning of the song... Coz so many eyes starring at me, approximately 30 tables leh!!! IM HAPPY TO OVERCOME MY NERVE ON STAGE!!!! I should say i've more confidence on singing on stage rather than giving a speech!! HAHAHA, scary...

As there are somebody cheering for me out there. *happy* Few from them wanna ask for autograph, i assuming they are joking with me la.. hehe! SS-nyaaaa.... *a lil sampat*

Wedding Dinner

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Declaration of Love 爱的宣言

Watch this! =) Awww, you know soooo touched and soooo sweeeeet esp the end during the LIVE!!

It happened during my lovely cousin's wedding @ KL! WenShu [Nobita] expressed his love to my cousin PohPheng [Popiah] XD.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Surprises

At First, i felt so guilty when get to know they have 1268 txns today :( Sorry for can't help esp Gary!! Thanks so much for changing leave with me :) but i thinked i've brought you the nightmare tonight lol!!! Jiayouuu everybody!!


29.04.2009 My eldest sis's birthday

This is the 1st time i really did something for sis on her birthday. Never before, just a sms will do. I don't know why this year i'm sooooo emotional which is a good sign XD Anyway, i hope she will like it eventhough not an expensive present compared to what from her friend's. I prefer DIY, much meaningful!! =D Weeeeeee, So sweet!!! kekeke...

1) HAHA! Dong Dong Dong sharp 12am. I'm still online in the living room act nothing :p Finally she realised i'm so quiet, no response, and not even a wish from me so she walked into her room. Then only i went to light a candle on a piece of cake. Knock knock her door room, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you......" She was terribly S.H.O.C.K!

Response: Supposingly people will jump in excitement. But she was like a baby who was sooooo happy! Shake in excitement sitting on her bed and keep saying Thank You.

2) 1 day before, after being informed by her colleague she has already left office. [Kap Mai earlier] Therefore, i went to office to stick the DIY photo birthday card on her board :) At the same time went to settle my SC things and tabao supper for my lovely FIPP buddies XD KAH YAO LA PENG YOU!!!!

Response: Poor sis can't follow us to KL, failed to get any annual leaves. As she was on leave on her birthday, so she just saw my DIY card today :)YEAAAAAA, SHE WAS IN ANOTHER SURPRISE!! That was the 2nd suprise for her.

3) Redbox [Normal Lunch Treat K session]