Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog.. Blog... Blog..

Now, keep blogging keep blogging is my routine job. Sorry but not blog here, is my food blog =) Actually i do thought of launch it on 25 June but it's taken so long to reach 25th (my fate number). So i'd finally launch it last 2 week which is 06.06.2010. Not bad, it can say in cantonese, Look Look, Take a look!! Hahahaha! I assume it's creative enough... hehe! Would appreaciate if you can drop me comment as i need to improve all the time. I really don't know what's the purpose of creating all this. However, i do feel the accomplishment which is feel so GREAT on myself of the effort and time i'd spend on it!!! Sacrify my sleeping time after work to post an entry daily at least. I don't whether it worth for me or not, but I just know I WANT TO DO IT!!! I have a lots of say........ I admit that i didn't that expert describing on food but i will give my best and keep improving :)

Just realise that my link on the top right hand corner is not directly link to my food blog but photobucket :( So here you go, it's amended, functioning well now. You may click on it now... OR here as below.

It's Delicious - The Best Cuisine in Town

Wish you guys can support me and drop me some comments which field need to improve on.
Thank you for your support!


sunset2712 said...

Leng, i clicked on the link you posted here.... cannot work wor....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing Hoon!!

Now it works! :D